Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bunga Bunga, Battersea.

I've been wanting to go to Italian themed karaoke, pizzeria and club Bunga Bunga for ages, so we finally went last night! Sadly it was marred by a tragedy - the death of my beloved Lumix GF3. It decided to go swimming in the toilet. Seriously, why are club toilets so small and narrow!? The toilet and bin were overlapping as there wasn't enough room, and so I put my camera and bag on top of the bin, lifted the toilet lid and it knocked the bin throwing my beautiful camera into the toilet with an almighty splash. 

Me being sad about my poor camera :(
I thought Amy looked funny with one red-eye...sorry Amy.
Anyway, the death of my camera and the fact it is uninsured and I'm now going to have to fork out £400 for a new one, depressed me so much I drank two bottles of wine. At least that cheered me up! But first of all, we started with dinner...

After being served by a dashing chap in a 'ahem' interesting apron, we went for loads of pizzas (the Italian Stallion was pretty yummy), and we also got my favourite - zucchini frittes, which were ah-mazing! The cocktails were also super yummy and the chocolate ice-cream to die for! 

 The cocktails even had pasta straws! Amy ate hers...

Can you tell the difference between J and his cocktail!?

The amaaaaazing ice-cream! I would love to know where they get it from!

I scoffed my face.

After dinner it was time for Bunga Bunga's famous Karaoke! We nailed New York New York, complete with leg kicks. 

We also went to the club upstairs for a dance, but it was really over-crowded, to the point it was just uncomfortable, so we headed to Roof Gardens and danced the night away until it closed.

Huge thank you to Sid for saving us with his camera after mine got destroyed by Bunga Bunga!

 *sigh* the gangster pose I do every time I'm had too much vino. See, I really am a Brunel student at heart. And please excuse the sweaty/messy hair... ew...

I finally got to bed at 6am, and now I'm spending Sunday relaxing and taking granny naps. We all had a really fun time at Bunga Bunga and we'll definitely be back again soon! I highly recommend a visit if you're into pizza, karaoke, dancing, and something a little bit different.

You can find them at 37, Battersea Bridge Road, London, and it's best to book for dinner and then stay on for the karaoke and dancing, as the queues get pretty big and it's difficult to get in otherwise.

Bunga Bunga on Urbanspoon Square Meal


  1. My word that food looks incredible! Looks like such a fun night but sad, sad news about your camera :(
    Kaz x

  2. No way of it being fixed cheaper than £400? :( I hate when stuff breaks!!!! I never really think to get most things insured unless thousands or a life is involved (i.e. animal insurance) as it just seems like half the time you are paying a lot for nothing.

    Huge looking pizza! Mmm pizza!

    1. Well at the moment it won't even switch on, so not sure how it can be fixed. It's going to cost me £400 to replace it as the lens (which is now full of water) was super expensive :(

      Pizza was yum!

      C x

  3. That is one naughty apron isn't it hehe! The pizza looks hugeee but delicious!
    I'm so sorry to hear about the camera lovely.

    Eda x


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