Thursday, 21 February 2013

Belle Epoque Party.

Last Saturday I went to the Belle Epoque Party held at The Grand Hall in St Pancras. Described as a night to 'free your inhibitions and release your alter-egos under the guise of masquerade masks, in a fantasy world filled with illusion and indulgence, danger and delight', it certainly lived up to the description. We had an absolute blast! Let me show you through photos...

We entered to find tables and chairs arranged in a 1920's 'jazz bar' style, and as the venue filled, the alcohol flowed, and the acrobatics acts began. It suddenly turned from a civilized affair to one that suddenly went very 'Moulin Rouge' as people really did 'free their inhibitions' :/

The acrobats were incredible, they weren't on harnesses or anything yet were doing all of these amazing things super high up! I could never do it, that's for sure!

I found the ringmaster of the show...and stole his hate and cane. Naturally.

While the party was really getting started and three drag queens turned up, I found the Circus Lion...he was a navy boy, and had some very hot friends. I was in heaven. Especially as his friends were in uniform *fans face*.

There were more acrobatics acts throughout the night, with each one more impressive than the last.

The DJ played awesome tunes until the early hours, and we all jumped and danced the night away while champagne was sprayed across the crowd. Girls in velvet, lace, and corsets, and the men in black tie, white tie, uniform and ringmaster outfits. It was like that Can Can scene from Moulin Rouge. Epic.


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