Friday, 15 February 2013

An Alternative V-Day.

I hate Valentine's day. I always have done, mainly because it's always been awful for me, even when I've been in a relationship. Anyway, last year I spent it having dinner with some friends, so I did the same this year, and it was actually a really nice evening! 

We opted for the quietest restaurant around - Pizza Express, because obviously no couples would go there on V-day unless you want to get dumped! S was a complete gent and presented myself and C with a bunch of roses each (I think the waiters wondered what was going on...), and we tucked in to our comfort food feast before heading to an event at the Sanderson Hotel. 

Sorry this looks a bit odd - I cropped C out because I forgot to
ask her if it was ok to put her photo on t'internet.
I've never been to the Sanderson before, but it was awesome! From the outside it looks like a horrid old 1960's office block, but inside it's ultra trendy and modern. We were in the Long Bar area where they were holding an Alternative Valentine's Night, although it was just really lots of people mingling and drinking while a DJ played some good tunes. I didn't stay too long as I had to get my train home, but I really want to go back there with a group at some point as the Long Bar is perfect for groups of people, and it would be lovely in the summer with their outdoor space!

If you're around Oxford Street one evening and in need of a cool bar to go to, I'd recommend this place. The cocktails looked yummy, and the G&T was surprisingly tasty (I usually can't stand it).



  1. Ooh looks like a fun night! Valentine's is actually our anniversary, but I refuse to be another annoying couple. This year, Ed went to the gym whilst I stayed home to watch The Big Bang Theory. Romance at its finest x

    1. Haha, aw, well I do think you shouldn't conform and only stick to v-day - you should show your love every day! Silly commercial holiday, tch.

      Hope you had a lovely anniversary, and Big Bang Theory is the best!

      C x

  2. I've just featured your blog in my recent post My Favourite Blogs @ The Science of Happy.

    Always a pleasure reading!

    - TSOH


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