Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara.

You may remember my review post from the summer on my new favourite mascara - the Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara. Well, it ran out, and as we don't have Covergirl here in the UK, I grabbed the UK Dupe that I'd been told about, the Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion. It is literally exactly the same, I really am in love with it still. It re-applies easily without clumping, and makes my lashes look long and volumous without making them look fake.

 Sorry, once again I didn't photograph before using it - I just couldn't wait until I got good lighting!

Just like the Covergirl one the Max Factor one has plastic bristles, making it easy to apply without clumping, and it separates the lashes out easily, even managing to get the little wee ones in the corner of the eye. This mascara also lasts absolutely ages, even when using it every day!

The other bonus to this mascara is the price - only £11.99! You can buy it from Boots
What's your favourite mascara? Have you tried this one?


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sketch - The Glade.

On Saturday I went for lunch at Sketch with a couple of friends. I had a £50 voucher that expires next week, and as I go to Paris on Thursday I thought we may as well use it! We had a bit of a kerfuffle at first, but eventually we got sorted and the lunch we had was really wonderful. The food was really tasty and the different rooms were awesome, not to mention the egg pod toilets! We ended up in The Glade, which is an enchanted forest themed restaurant.

So first I'll explain what happened, as I really do feel their staff need to be taught customer service, as it was absolutely terrible. I called them up during the week to explain that we wanted to come for lunch on Saturday and I had a voucher, and I wanted to book a table in The Lecture Room (their Michelin starred restaurant). The woman on the phone told me 'Oh no, we don't take bookings on Saturday lunchtimes, just come along and we'll get you seated', so off we went on Saturday.

We got there and the receptionist led us into The Glade, so I told her that actually we'd like to go to The Lecture Room. She looked completely shocked and exclaimed with a pitiful smirk 'But that's our fine dining restaurant madam...'. I replied with 'Yes...that's what we want...'. Completely bemused she then told us that The Lecture Room was closed and that this was our only option. So I explained about the voucher and how it said on it that we could only use it in The Lecture Room or Gallery restaurant (the voucher didn't mention what times you were allowed to visit or what days/times it was open, it just said 'lunch or dinner'. 

So we were moved to the Gallery, where we were presented with an Afternoon Tea menu (this was at 1pm). I asked if we could see the lunch menu as we didn't want afternoon tea, and they said 'oh no, we don't do lunch on Saturdays' WHO THE HELL DOESN'T DO LUNCH AT 1PM ON A FRICKIN SATURDAY!? I was fuming at this point - it had taken me 2 hours to get there and I wanted my lunch. I was also fed up of being moved around and treated like an idiot who didn't deserve to be in their restaurant.

So. They then led us back into The Glade and told us they would make exceptions this one time and let us use our voucher in there. We finally got our lunch after being moved between rooms which was hugely embarrassing, and I was so angry at the lady on reception who made it clear that we shouldn't have been eating in their fine dining restaurant. Just because I'm young, does not mean I'm not good enough for your restaurant. 

Anyway, onto the good part - the food! I had crusty baguettes to start with while the others had Quiche. My baguettes came in a Lego bowl, which I thought was amazing! So cool!

For mains A and I had the Beef Burger with Sketchup Sauce (their signature red cabbage ketchup), red cabbage and xeres jelly. C had the Vietnamese Pork Pho.

The burger was done exactly as I like it - well done and nice and juicy. The bun was perfect, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The xeres jelly was...interesting. The Sketchup was surprisingly delicious and went perfectly with the thin and crispy fries!

For dessert A and C shared a cream tea, while I went all out and had the King of Sketch - Pate a choux filled with caramelized pear and caramel cream. The head of the king had normal cream in it. The main body was simply heaven - gooey and super sweet and rich, but it just melted in your mouth. I'm drooling just thinking about it!

Despite the awful customer service, the food was good. After using the voucher it cost us around £20 each for the three of us (entire bill came to around £61 with the £50 off), which is very very good for three courses each plus drinks. But honestly, I probably wouldn't pay full price here, the hassle and service just wasn't good enough for that price. I'd much rather go somewhere like Kitchen W8 and pay the full price there, as everything was seamless and much more enjoyable.

Also I fixed my broken camera - yay!! There's a water stain in the lens hence the photos look less clear and crisp than older ones, but at least it still works. I swooshed it in distilled water then left it in a bowl of rice to dry out!

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Quote of the Week #12.

I love this quote so much, I just think it's perfect. 

Asha Tyson Quote

How has your weekend been - what've you been up to? 

I went for afternoon tea at The Athenaeum today with my mum. I had a bad experience last time, but this time was so much better, it was absolutely lovely, and the cake selection was huuuuuge - we ate so much it was ridiculous! Also the homemade lemon curd was to die for. The food was just never ending, such a difference from last time! 


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher.

When searching for a new blusher, I saw the famous Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher on special offer, so I grabbed one and thought I may as well give it a go, especially as it doesn't contain any parabens. Although just a drugstore blusher which is very reasonably priced, it's actually been around for over 150 years! 

The pot comes in a really cute little round pot (hence the name), and inside is a mirror and curved brush which is really handy for if you're out and about. I got shade 74 Rose Amber, which is a really deep peachy pink. I much prefer darker pink blushes to brighter lighter ones, whether it suits my skintone or not I'm not entirely sure, but I like how they look on my skin and that's what matters to me.

I actually find it quite difficult to apply the blusher with the brush it comes with, I much prefer using my eco-tools blusher brush which gives a much softer and more natural finish for me. The blusher goes on smoothly and is really soft on the skin, but doesn't last very well, which is the only downfall of this blusher for me. The blusher smells really lovely - it's a very fresh rose scent, and it has the added bonus of being free from parabens!

You can build the blusher up to create a darker shade, and if you do put too much on, just simply put some powder over the top. 

Have you tried the Bourjois blusher? What's your favourite blusher?


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Belle Epoque Party.

Last Saturday I went to the Belle Epoque Party held at The Grand Hall in St Pancras. Described as a night to 'free your inhibitions and release your alter-egos under the guise of masquerade masks, in a fantasy world filled with illusion and indulgence, danger and delight', it certainly lived up to the description. We had an absolute blast! Let me show you through photos...

We entered to find tables and chairs arranged in a 1920's 'jazz bar' style, and as the venue filled, the alcohol flowed, and the acrobatics acts began. It suddenly turned from a civilized affair to one that suddenly went very 'Moulin Rouge' as people really did 'free their inhibitions' :/

The acrobats were incredible, they weren't on harnesses or anything yet were doing all of these amazing things super high up! I could never do it, that's for sure!

I found the ringmaster of the show...and stole his hate and cane. Naturally.

While the party was really getting started and three drag queens turned up, I found the Circus Lion...he was a navy boy, and had some very hot friends. I was in heaven. Especially as his friends were in uniform *fans face*.

There were more acrobatics acts throughout the night, with each one more impressive than the last.

The DJ played awesome tunes until the early hours, and we all jumped and danced the night away while champagne was sprayed across the crowd. Girls in velvet, lace, and corsets, and the men in black tie, white tie, uniform and ringmaster outfits. It was like that Can Can scene from Moulin Rouge. Epic.


Friday, 15 February 2013

An Alternative V-Day.

I hate Valentine's day. I always have done, mainly because it's always been awful for me, even when I've been in a relationship. Anyway, last year I spent it having dinner with some friends, so I did the same this year, and it was actually a really nice evening! 

We opted for the quietest restaurant around - Pizza Express, because obviously no couples would go there on V-day unless you want to get dumped! S was a complete gent and presented myself and C with a bunch of roses each (I think the waiters wondered what was going on...), and we tucked in to our comfort food feast before heading to an event at the Sanderson Hotel. 

Sorry this looks a bit odd - I cropped C out because I forgot to
ask her if it was ok to put her photo on t'internet.
I've never been to the Sanderson before, but it was awesome! From the outside it looks like a horrid old 1960's office block, but inside it's ultra trendy and modern. We were in the Long Bar area where they were holding an Alternative Valentine's Night, although it was just really lots of people mingling and drinking while a DJ played some good tunes. I didn't stay too long as I had to get my train home, but I really want to go back there with a group at some point as the Long Bar is perfect for groups of people, and it would be lovely in the summer with their outdoor space!

If you're around Oxford Street one evening and in need of a cool bar to go to, I'd recommend this place. The cocktails looked yummy, and the G&T was surprisingly tasty (I usually can't stand it).


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bunga Bunga, Battersea.

I've been wanting to go to Italian themed karaoke, pizzeria and club Bunga Bunga for ages, so we finally went last night! Sadly it was marred by a tragedy - the death of my beloved Lumix GF3. It decided to go swimming in the toilet. Seriously, why are club toilets so small and narrow!? The toilet and bin were overlapping as there wasn't enough room, and so I put my camera and bag on top of the bin, lifted the toilet lid and it knocked the bin throwing my beautiful camera into the toilet with an almighty splash. 

Me being sad about my poor camera :(
I thought Amy looked funny with one red-eye...sorry Amy.
Anyway, the death of my camera and the fact it is uninsured and I'm now going to have to fork out £400 for a new one, depressed me so much I drank two bottles of wine. At least that cheered me up! But first of all, we started with dinner...

After being served by a dashing chap in a 'ahem' interesting apron, we went for loads of pizzas (the Italian Stallion was pretty yummy), and we also got my favourite - zucchini frittes, which were ah-mazing! The cocktails were also super yummy and the chocolate ice-cream to die for! 

 The cocktails even had pasta straws! Amy ate hers...

Can you tell the difference between J and his cocktail!?

The amaaaaazing ice-cream! I would love to know where they get it from!

I scoffed my face.

After dinner it was time for Bunga Bunga's famous Karaoke! We nailed New York New York, complete with leg kicks. 

We also went to the club upstairs for a dance, but it was really over-crowded, to the point it was just uncomfortable, so we headed to Roof Gardens and danced the night away until it closed.

Huge thank you to Sid for saving us with his camera after mine got destroyed by Bunga Bunga!

 *sigh* the gangster pose I do every time I'm had too much vino. See, I really am a Brunel student at heart. And please excuse the sweaty/messy hair... ew...

I finally got to bed at 6am, and now I'm spending Sunday relaxing and taking granny naps. We all had a really fun time at Bunga Bunga and we'll definitely be back again soon! I highly recommend a visit if you're into pizza, karaoke, dancing, and something a little bit different.

You can find them at 37, Battersea Bridge Road, London, and it's best to book for dinner and then stay on for the karaoke and dancing, as the queues get pretty big and it's difficult to get in otherwise.

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