Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wahaca, Soho.

Back at the end of the summer I went to Wahaca with some friends, but for some reason I never got round to reviewing it. So here it finally is! If you want a fun, vibrant, and tasty Mexican place that's good value, this is it! Wahaca is a chain restaurant with branches all over London, so as we were going to Archer Street later that evening, we went to the Soho one. 

This place is seriously busy and doesn't accept bookings, so be prepared for a wait. We had to wait around half an hour downstairs in the bar, but we got some cocktails and tortilla chips to keep our hungry tummy's from grumbling too much. The bar has a vibrant yet laid back atmosphere, but when we went I remember it distinctly smelling of toilets...which wasn't so nice. I was a terrible blogger and didn't get many photos, sorry! When our buzzer went and we headed upstairs to the table, we were served quickly and explained the menu. 

It's street food inside a restaurant, so there are small dishes and you have a few of them. I went for the Wahaca Breaded Squid, and Wahaca Pork Pibil Tacos, and both of those filled me up completely, and came to under £10! We also all shared some fries (you know me, I can't go anywhere without trying the fries!). The Breaded Squid was delicious, and came with a spicy mayonnaise, and the Pork Tacos were absolutely incredible, but soooo spicy! I like spicy things but not toooo spicy, and I found these a little tooo spicy so I got some sour cream to take the edge off, and then they were perfect.

After the meal we headed to one of my favourite bars, Archer Street for some cocktails and drunken dancing! ...and because of the drunken dancing, a lovely big parking ticket, woops. 

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  1. Lux delicious!
    [See what I did there ;)]

  2. The squid looks so delicious :) I want to visit London just to try out all the restaurants :') x

  3. Yum the breaded squid sounds so delicious. I love the chili squid from wagamama but I'm always up for trying more squid :). I should definitely swing by Wahaca some time :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  4. I've heard lots about Wahaca, but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I'll put it on my 2013 hit list... xx


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