Friday, 25 January 2013

Naked Style - Little Miracle Hair Conditioner.

This is my new favourite haircare product. Not only is it 97% natural, and contains no parabens or silicones, but it is the best leave-in conditioner I have ever used, and smells like Heaven. It's literally the nicest smelling product I've ever used, and the scent lasts all day! Introducing, Naked Style Little Miracle Leave-in Conditioner. 

It has Shea Butter and Argan Oil in it, which as it says 'help repair and protect dry hair against heat styling and breakage'. Like all Naked products the packaging is simple but aesthetically pleasing, with cute images on the back. I personally always think Naked products look much more expensive than they are. Anyway, so does it work? Er, yehuh! It's amazing! It's not often I'm this excited about a product, but they don't call this 'little miracle' for nothing! 

I have long naturally wavy hair that tends to frizz, but whenever I use this I get zero frizz and my long locks are luscious and healthy-looking. And the best thing? It only costs £4.99 from Boots stores and the Naked website! I've tried so many frizz-controlling products over the past 10 years, and this is the first one that has actually worked, and doesn't cost a fortune. 

This really is my new saviour! Have you tried this product?



  1. Might try it...I currently use Macadamia which is good but expensive :/ lol 500ml of deep repair masque is £35+

    Wonder how good the Naked Rescue Repairing Hair Treatment is. :) I like it is a more ethical company too.

    Would you say leave in conditioner is easy to use? I've never tried it before but need something that will "go in easily" due to painful hand issues. lol

    My hair gets suppppper frizzy!

    1. Definitely try it! It's super easy to use - you simply wash your hair, then towel dry it a little, and then just rub a small amount through your hair (an amount around the size of a 50p coin), and that's it!

      C x

    2. Cool. :) Hopefully be able to pick up some and the other repair treatment in Boots. lol

  2. I am buying this today. I love a good conditioner, and this one is so cheap! I can't possibly resist. :)


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