Sunday, 20 January 2013

Come Outside.

Remember that Children's TV show Come Outside? With Pippin the dog? Yeh? Cool. Well, today Dylan decided he wanted to play in the snow. As you already know, he loves it, so after lots of looking at me, looking outside, whining, looking at me, whining, I finally gave in and went outside with him to play.

We had great fun rolling in the snow and throwing snowballs! I threw them and Dylan caught them in his mouth...his paws are far too big and clumsy to catch them in his paws. He raced around with snow on his nose, bumping into me trying to push me over, and acting a bit like a chocoholic (ie; me) in a big vat of melted down chocolate (mental image? good). 

 His funny bunny hop thing he does when he runs...

 Snow in your eye Dyls?

Bit worn out?

Who me? No! Of course not! Lets play again Catherine! Come on!

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  1. Dylan is seriously adorable!! His ears look like wings in the photo of him pouncing on the snow :)

    1. Hehe, whenever he runs it looks as though he's going to take off ;)

      C x

  2. Those pictures are so cute! xx

  3. Oh Dylan is totally scrumptious! I love all the pics but especially the one with his tongue just poking out! I'm too old to remember the Come Outside show, but I do have a real life Pippin dog! I am forever getting small children running up to Daisy squealing "It's a Pippin dog".

  4. Ahh i use to LOVE pippin. I get my three year old god daugther to watch it with me all the time. I loved the end where they showed him eating sausages in his dog basket! Kinda related but I visited where Brum was filmed the other day, which you also may have been a fan of.

    Great post!

    Mel x

  5. That's so cute! ♥
    Nice blog you have here dear!
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like ♥ let's follow each other?

  6. Cutest thing ive seen in a while! awww! x


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