Monday, 28 January 2013


Not far from where I work, nestled amongst the kebab shops and betting establishments of Highbury & Islington, is a little gem. Trullo is a beautiful Italian restaurant serving fresh home-made pasta and deliciously inspiring food, all within a gorgeous and ever so quaint little restaurant. I am in love. Italian food is a favourite of mine, yet I've never been to Italy. I'm hoping when I do eventually get there, the food is like Trullo's. 

Claire and I decided we needed a girlie dinner and a gossip/chat/life-evaluation type of evening, so off we went. Considering we'd never been to the Highbury end of Islington before, we found the restaurant really easily, you can't really miss it as it's the only nice looking place on that particular street. You walk in and the atmosphere instantly changes, the hustle and bustle of outside fades away and you're surrounded by a room filled with candle-light. There's an upstairs and a downstairs (basement) at Trullo, the upstairs is charming and romantic, while the downstairs has a warehouse trendy vibe. We were downstairs. 

The menu is fairly small, but has something for everyone. We both started with pasta; Claire had the Pappardelle with beef shin ragu, while I had the Tagliatelle with trevise and pancetta. The pasta was freshly cooked, and you could certainly taste the difference. It was cooked to perfection, and I wouldn't hesitate in saying it was the best pasta dish I have ever tasted. Please excuse the photos, I usually hate using the flash for food pics but I had to as the lighting was so dark.

Pappardelle with beef shin ragu

Tagliatelle with trevise and pancetta. The best pasta dish I have ever had in my life.

For mains I had the Black Hampshire pork chop with wet polenta, porcini and salsa verde, and Claire had the Poached duck leg with turnip, carrot and swede with chopped chicken liver and dragoncello. My pork was succulent and melted in my mouth, and the wet polenta was deeelicious! Claire's duck was yum, but sadly her veggies were a bit hard and undercooked - waaa.

Poached duck leg with turnip, carrot and swede with chopped chicken liver and dragoncello

Black Hampshire pork chop with wet polenta, porcini and salsa verde

I was really looking forward to dessert, but it was a bit of a let down :( we both had the Spiced ginger cake with poached pear and vanilla mascarpone, but the cake was very dry and could really have done with a thick gooey sauce. 

Overall I am completely in love with this place and will definitely be going back very soon! It's the perfect place to go for a date, just make sure you don't choose the ginger cake! You can also hire the entire downstairs part, which I reckon would be really great for a big celebration dinner or party!

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*I was invited to review Trullo, and therefore our meal was complimentary.

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Easy Australian Lamington Recipe.

Happy Australia Day all! 

As many of you know from all of my Australia posts, I lived there for a couple of years and went to school out there, and it was literally the best time of my life. It's such an incredible place, and I feel so blessed to have been given such an amazing experience by my parents. As well as the beautiful beaches, ocean, wildlife, people, and scenery, there is also the food. One of my favourites was Lamingtons. Sponge cake covered in chocolate icing and coconut, they are so delicious! So I thought I'd make them for you all and give you the recipe!


Friday, 25 January 2013

Naked Style - Little Miracle Hair Conditioner.

This is my new favourite haircare product. Not only is it 97% natural, and contains no parabens or silicones, but it is the best leave-in conditioner I have ever used, and smells like Heaven. It's literally the nicest smelling product I've ever used, and the scent lasts all day! Introducing, Naked Style Little Miracle Leave-in Conditioner. 

It has Shea Butter and Argan Oil in it, which as it says 'help repair and protect dry hair against heat styling and breakage'. Like all Naked products the packaging is simple but aesthetically pleasing, with cute images on the back. I personally always think Naked products look much more expensive than they are. Anyway, so does it work? Er, yehuh! It's amazing! It's not often I'm this excited about a product, but they don't call this 'little miracle' for nothing! 

I have long naturally wavy hair that tends to frizz, but whenever I use this I get zero frizz and my long locks are luscious and healthy-looking. And the best thing? It only costs £4.99 from Boots stores and the Naked website! I've tried so many frizz-controlling products over the past 10 years, and this is the first one that has actually worked, and doesn't cost a fortune. 

This really is my new saviour! Have you tried this product?


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Come Outside.

Remember that Children's TV show Come Outside? With Pippin the dog? Yeh? Cool. Well, today Dylan decided he wanted to play in the snow. As you already know, he loves it, so after lots of looking at me, looking outside, whining, looking at me, whining, I finally gave in and went outside with him to play.

We had great fun rolling in the snow and throwing snowballs! I threw them and Dylan caught them in his mouth...his paws are far too big and clumsy to catch them in his paws. He raced around with snow on his nose, bumping into me trying to push me over, and acting a bit like a chocoholic (ie; me) in a big vat of melted down chocolate (mental image? good). 

 His funny bunny hop thing he does when he runs...

 Snow in your eye Dyls?

Bit worn out?

Who me? No! Of course not! Lets play again Catherine! Come on!

maker gif


Inner Temple Burns Night.

Friday night was the Burns Night dinner at Inner Temple. A black tie event with lots of men in highland dress (aka, kilts), good food, bagpipes, poetry, traditions, reeling (scottish dancing), and good friends, it was a fabulously fun evening!

A few people couldn't make it because of the snow, but the rest of us committed big time - I even walked most of the way there from work, in heels, in the snow! Dedication or what? I eventually managed to hail a taxi on Fleet Street (about 2mins from the event) - I think the guy felt sorry for me.

Some of the photos are mine, and some are the 'official' Inner Temple ones from the night.

The evening started with a drinks reception, and then we went into the main hall for the piping in of the Haggis, and the 'addressing of the Haggis', before we sat down for a dinner of scrumptious Scottish delicacies. 

There was lots of Tartan everywhere!

I am a huge fan of haggis, neeps and tatties, so demolished the whole lot!

The dessert wasn't so good. Every single time I go to a Scottish event they serve this dessert, which is a bit of an oddity and I'm really not a fan. On the bottom is raspberries with a raspberry coulis, and then on top there's a porridge type substance with whiskey in it, and then dried oats on top. It's not a dessert I would choose to have, lets put it that way.

After the three-course dinner (we had soup to start with - didn't feel it was worth showing you), there are readings and poetry by Robert Burns, who the night is dedicated to. 

After the poetry everyone leaves their tables for the dance floor, and the reeling starts! Reeling is a really fun type of Scottish Dancing that was recently on the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. I go to lessons every so often with friends, and have been to a few reeling events, and they're always great fun as us girls get to be swung around the dance floor by numerous dashing gentlemen! 

I finally got home in the early hours of the morning after getting the train home in the snow, and then went away to a spa hotel yesterday for some relaxation! It's been a really lovely weekend and the spa break was exactly what I needed! 

How was your weekend? Are you doing anything to celebrate Burns Night?


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bob Bob Ricard, Soho.

Last week I finally headed to Bob Bob Ricard in Soho with some friends. I've been trying to go there for about a year, and every time we've tried to book or have wanted to go, something has stopped us. So, was it worth the wait? Definitely.

A luxury English and Russian restaurant in the heart of London, Bob Bob Ricard serves comfort food and excellent vodkas and cocktails in an opulent and glamorous surrounding. 

I'm afraid my photos don't do the restaurant justice, head to the website to see it in all its magnificent glory!

Due to the prospect of snow arriving imminently I couldn't stay long and had to get my train home, so we just had main meals. I went for the Chicken, Mushroom and Champagne Pie, A had the Fish Pie, and I can't even remember what C had, but the pies were the most impressive! They were absolutely huge, and mine tasted incredible, huge chunks of chicken and large mushrooms (not those teeny little button things).

 Of course we had to try the fries while we were there too. The fries were ok, nothing special, but we loved the box they came in! Bob Bob Ricard are all about the little details (ie; everything has their logo on it or is the salmon pink colour), which I personally really like.

The famous 'Press For Champagne' button! We pressed. It came. Brilliant!

The restaurant is quite big and incredibly glamorous, and the booths you sit in feel a little like old fashioned railway seats. The service was excellent, the staff couldn't do enough for you, and the atmosphere was buzzing without being too noisy and in your face.

I absolutely loved Bob Bob Ricard, and can't wait to go back and try a full meal there (complete with desserts!) when I have more time! Definitely recommend it for something a bit different to the usual London restaurants - it would be a great choice for a special occasion! If you do fancy going, make sure you book far in advance as they get very booked up.

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