Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Karaoke Box, Smithfield.

With Christmas coming up and Karaoke Box recently being featured on Made in Chelsea, some friends from work and I decided to head down to the one at Smithfield just round the corner from our office, for a bit of a sing-song! With state of the art equipment, flat screen TV's in every soundproofed private room, and waitress service at the press of a button, we chose our songs and warmed our angelic voices up (Ha!), after checking out the bar first of course.

We treated ourselves to some cocktails and a pizza, which were all absolutely delicious, before getting started! We were pretty impressed to find that almost every song we wanted to sing was available to us via the touch screen tv, apart from Emeli Sandi's 'Clown', which was a little disappointing as Ibukun is a pretty good singer (in fact, she's amazing), and we wanted her to sing it. 

Anyway, we belted out tunes from Queen, Glee, S Club 7, and Rihanna, before I did my Bohemian Rhapsody rendition (it's pretty epic) and my amazing version of Don't Rain on my Parade. Emily became very brave and belted out a bit of Hairspray 'Good Morning Baltimore' :O

We finished with 'Empire State of Mind'...rap and all! It was brilliant. We smashed it. Then we realized there was CCTV in the room the whole time...and that they were probably rolling on the floor laughing at us dancing around, rapping and singing at the tops of our voices. I may have beat-boxed and thrown some 'wikiwikiwows' in there as well... :/

We had an absolutely awesome time at Karaoke Box, it really was a lot of fun! We had a room for 7 people, but norovirus and flu swept the office so only 3 of us ended up going, and I'm not sure how the room could fit 7 people in it :/ If 7 people had gone, there's no way we could have danced around and enjoyed ourselves as much as we did, so if you do go, get a bigger room than they advise! Also, I think the smaller the group the better to be honest as you can all sing more :P we found three to be a pretty good number in the end! Also there are Karaoke Box's in Soho and Mayfair if Smithfield is a bit far out 'east' for you ;)

Have you been to karaoke box? What's your favourite song to sing?


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  1. This looks like the best time in the world! If its on made in chelsea its good enough for me haha. I bet you had so much fun! Hi from a new follower.

    Great Blog :)
    Kirsty-Anne x x
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