Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Inika Cosmetics Eyeshadows.

You may remember how a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my Struggle With Eye Eczema, well a couple of lovely people have sent me some really amazing natural products since then, so I'll be writing up about them over the next week. The first I'm going to tell you about is Inika Cosmetics! They sent me four mineral eyeshadows and a bottle of natural eye make-up remover. This is the review of the eyeshadows, and I'll do the eye make-up remover in a separate post.

They sent me four eyeshadows in different shades; Pink Fetish, Autumn Plum, Coco Motion, and Forrest Gold. These four shades allow me to create various looks, from a natural to more of a smoky eye. I have green eyes so the colours are perfect for them! Sorry the products in the photos below are a bit grubby - I was using them for a few days before I got a chance to photograph them due to light.

Inika Cosmetics are completely natural products, that don't contain any parabens, talc or any other nasties,  so these mineral eyeshadows are ideal for people like me who have allergies and suffer from eczema on the eyes, as it doesn't irritate them or dry them out. 

Autumn Plum 
This is the perfect shade for winter, it's a lovely deep pinky berry colour that goes on quite pale when used dry, but when used wet it's really pigmented and can be used for a natural smoky eye look.

Pink Fetish 
Pink Fetish is a really gorgeous shimmery pale pink, that is perfect for using by itself, as a base colour, or in the inner corner.

 Forrest Gold 
A gold/green shimmery colour, that is really well pigmented when dry and wet, and is such a gorgeous colour for green eyes! I love golds and greens in eyeshadows, and I use this in the crease.

Coco Motion 
This one is a really deep brown, but like the Autumn Plum is quite light when used dry, and when used wet it's really dark and therefore perfect for daytime and nights out! 

I am completely in love with these eyeshadows! I've been using them over a week now and so far they haven't given me any eye problems or irritated them at all, whereas normal ones (MUA etc) give me problems the day after wearing them.

For natural products they're really well pigmented, and I love how you can use them wet or dry for different looks! I loved these so much that I went out and bought another shade myself, Whisper, which is a gorgeous deep corn/gold colour and probably the most pigmented out of all of them. 

Have you tried Inika Cosmetics? Any other great natural make-up brands you can recommend?



  1. Inika cosmetics are gorgeous! I have one of their eyeliners and it is sooooo creamy and pigmented. I can't rate them highly enough! How is the eczema situation now?


    1. I love them so much! Eczema situation is good now - it calmed down by itself but there was still quite a bit of dryness, but Dr Organics Manuka Honey Rescue Cream fixed it :)

      C x

  2. Oh wow, the colours are nice, especially Coco Motion and Forest Gold :). I suffer with eye eczema too (either that or some allergic reaction that I always seem to get) so I should look into these :). xx

    Almost Delightful

  3. I love Living Nature ! x

  4. Oooh lovely, I've wondered about trying Inika for a while, simply because I'd rather use more natural make up if I can. I'm keen to see how you get on with it x


  5. I haven't tried Inika but recommend you a look at Lily Lolo, Elemental Beauty & BM Beauty these are cheaper but still 100% natural mineral makeup ranges.

  6. I'm so happy you've found something that you could use on your skin that wont irritate your eyes any more than they already have been.


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