Monday, 31 December 2012

Lux Life Yearly Round-up.

This year has been a super busy year for me and the blog, and it's been a pretty amazing one with lots of big events, fun and laughter with friends, and memories to last a lifetime. It's been wonderful sharing everything with you all, from balls to parties to my graduation and roadtrip through America. With 188 posts from 2012, it's difficult to choose which ones to include in this, so I think I'll include the event and travel ones, as they're the most exciting :)


The year started with Lotte's epic NYE party. We saw in 2012 with fabulous friends, lots of alcohol, and a cheeky kiss from Francis Boulle. I then changed the blog around a bit with a new layout as procrastination from Uni essays and my dissertation.

January ended with Australia day at ROSL and Galvin at Windows, and Burns Night at Inner Temple, I also began my journey to make Dylan famous to win a place on the Saatchi and Saatchi graduate scheme.


February was a busy month filming our horror film for Uni, so not many events took place this month. However, the beginning of February was the first time I went to the beautiful Ritz Club, and a certain 'relationship' blossomed shortly after (he says it was a relationship, I don't). I also got through to the next round of the Saatchi and Saatchi 'competition'. We also had our very first visit to Public nightclub in Feb! 


March was a super busy month! It was the month my horror film and dissertation were both due in - I had a bit of a mini breakdown about this, haha. It was also my Best Friend's Wedding, and I went to the amazing Ramin Karimloo gig. A couple of friends and I also had a great night out at Mahiki in Mayfair!


April was my 21st Birthday! I had a joint champagne&cake party with Arabella at the RAC, it was all very civilized. It was also the month I started working properly with the blog and actually put in the GFC widget so people could follow me. I also held my first blog giveaway to celebrate my birthday! I think the highlight of the month (aside from my birthday), was discovering the amazing Archer Street Bar in Soho! It has become a firm favourite with us all! 

April was also the month I got my Lumix GF3 Camera, which meant I could finally take decent pictures when out and about! I tested it out at Sake No Hana bar with some friends. It's become my favourite camera, and I even prefer it to my DSLR! It's just so light to carry around yet takes amazing photos, the depth of field is amazing, and it's pretty cheap compared to the cost of a DSLR. It's the perfect camera for blogging really.


May was the month Summer arrived! Sunbathing in the garden with Dylan, countless BBQ's with friends, ice cream, and the excitement for the upcoming Queen's Jubilee celebrations and the Jubilee Dinner! This was also the month I did my very first restaurant review on the blog - I eat out a lot, so figured I may as well start telling you all about it, and it was my very last day of University.


June was the busiest month by far! London Season started early with the Jubilee Celebrations, which then led on to the Polo and Royal Ascot, and the Jubilee Ball at the Royal Automobile Club. I also headed to DSTRKT with two of my friends visiting from Australia, and we all had an amazing time at Motcomb Street Party!


The majority of July was spent in America. My family and I toured the West Coast; San Francisco, Pismo Beach, LA, Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Las Vegas. Graduation was a few days after we got back, and then we went to the Olympic Park.


August like June was another busy month! It started with Amy's Birthday at Adventure Bar, then it was Ursula's birthday at Great Fosters. I finally got to see the Olympics - the Canoe Sprint, where I saw Ed McKeever take Gold! I held my second blog giveaway this month, and started getting contacted my PR companies and being offered chances to review things. I also appeared in Tatler this month, after attending Lotte's James Bond party, and towards the end of August was Rhidians birthday bash of debauchery. I moved out of my Uni house after living there for two years, and attended Notting Hill carnival for the first time ever. I also ended things with M after dating him since February, it was all a bit of a not serious/maybe serious/not serious/maybe serious/not serious/complicated fling, but we're still friends and see each other every so often.


September was the month I started my internship, but despite being far busier than I was during my student days, I still found time to party hard. The September social scene started with A Savage Night in Clubland, before the launch party's kicked off. Dukebox launched, and then there was the Raffles re-launch. I also had a delightful dinner at the Bucks Club with Lord Black. 


October was quieter than the Summer months, I was offered a job at my internship place, so had to start working hard. I still managed to get to the Bodo's Schloss launch party though, as well as the Barbarella re-launch. It was also the White Tie Trafalgar Dinner, and we had a  James Bond Night to celebrate the release of Skyfall.


November was quieter still, with work really busy in the run-up to Christmas. I discovered Brompton, and partied hard there for a few weeks, and I also attended my very first Bloggers 'event' at the Builders Arms in Chelsea. I also finally saw Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House, after years of wanting to! It was also my best friend Emma's birthday, where we did a bit of karaoke at her Uni place, and then of course there was bonfire night too.


December I was struck down with Norovirus, so was out of action for a couple of weeks! I also escaped to the country for a weekend of rest and relxation, before heading back to the big smoke for Karaoke, the Christmas Ball, and afternoon tea. Then of course there was Christmas with the family, which was absolutely lovely! 

So that's it! My yearly round-up! It's been an incredible year full of amazing memories, and I can't wait to make 2013 even better, and of course share it with you all :) Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get to work and then try and get home and up to London in time for a NYE party! 

Happy New Year!

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