Sunday, 11 November 2012


Last night we headed to Diego and Antoin's newest venture - Brompton, which is a new rock 'n' roll private members club which was previously called The Brompton Club. I was invited to the launch Thursday before last, but was really sick so couldn't go, so I promised them I'd go last night instead.

We started at The Collection for a couple of cocktails, before moving onto Brompton for dinner, as PizzaLuxe currently have a pop-up restaurant there. When we got to The Collection we discovered there was a party going on, and the people had hired out the entire venue for a birthday, but the manager very kindly swept us through and let us sit at the bar for an hour or so - thank you Mr Manager!

In case you're wondering, my lipstick is the raved about Rimmel Kate Moss in shade 107. It looks quite pink here, but it's a much deeper red in real life.

We then headed to The Brompton Club for dinner and dancing. I love how Brompton is like one of the traditional private members clubs that we're all members of, except at the turn of 11pm, it turns into a nightclub. After dinner the tables were taken away revealing bar tables underneath, and the cushions on the benches were taken away, revealing a raised platform for you to dance on.

 We loved the fresh basil on the table - such a lovely extra little touch!

I hate saying negative things about places, especially when it's owned by people I know, but although clearly freshly made and very tasty, my pizza was quite cold :( sorry guys. And for some reason they wouldn't let me add chicken onto the pizza rather than feta, even though I offered to pay more? Thought that was a bit odd.

Anyway, enough of negativity and onto the positives! One word describes the club. Epic. 

I think this photo and the fact I'm dancing on the chairs we had been sitting on to eat dinner, shows my feelings about the club very well.

We threw some shapes on the dance floor to old rock n roll tunes, which was so much fun, I love how different the music is to other clubs. 

That's A - we think he looks Russian with his Robert Langdon turtleneck on. What do you think?

 Very very drunken photo. Can you see up my nose ok? Yes? Good. Clearly I was enjoying myself.
Apologies to all of the people I crashed into when dancing wildly.

Brompton is perfect if you want a purely debaucherous night out dancing to old school rock n roll music, and drinking fabulously tasty cocktails (the Daiquiri's are lethal!). I love how you feel really naughty and rebellious partying amongst the wood panelled walls reminiscent of our normal/traditional private members clubs. Except at this club, there's no chance of you getting ostracised for throwing alcohol around and throwing shapes like it's your last day alive. Also sorry for the lack of photos - we were having too much fun.

PS; I usually don't drink, but this weekend was a one off. I now remember why I don't drink (I don't need to drink to have fun, and I can't stand the hangovers the next day!), so I'm back to being the sober friend.


  1. I love The Collection! Always feels glam heading through that runway corridor. Looks like a fab night! :) x

    1. Same! The Collection is awesome - so glamorous!

      It was a lot of fun :)

      C x

  2. Looks great, I personally hate clubbing due to the appalling music but think I'd enjoy this place.

    I don't drink either makes things cheaper and less unhealthy for my sensitive body. :) lol

  3. Ahh I just want to be your bff so we can go to amazing places together haha x

    1. Haha! Come back to London and you can be my clubbing buddy! x


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