Monday, 19 November 2012

Mamounia Lounge, Knightsbridge.

Saturday night Claire and I went to Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge for dinner, before heading back to Brompton for dancing (where we bumped into Sherlock himself - Benedict Cumberbatch!). Mamounia Lounge is a Moroccan Lebanese restaurant, and I love Moroccan and Lebanese food, so when I was invited to review Mamounia, of course I wasn't going to say no!

I drive past Mamounia every time I drive into London, so I knew exactly where it was, and on weekends parking around there is really easy and there are lots of free parking spaces after 6:30pm. We got there around 8pm, and the mood in the restaurant was quite bar/club-like, with the music loud (maybe a little toooo loud - it made it quite difficult to have a conversation) and the lighting dark and atmospheric. The decor is exotic and very Arabic, which I loved!

 We started with cocktails, C had the Marrakech Express, which is passionfruit with vodka and midori.

As I was driving I stuck to the non-alcoholic cocktails, so I had the Mamounia Fresh Fruit Cocktail, with Seasonal Berries and Passionfruit, and it was absolutely delicious and very refreshing!

For you beauty bloggers, if you're wondering, my nail polish is Nails Inc. Motcomb Street!

To start with I had the very un-Arabic Tricolore, which was a salad of tomato, mozzarella balls, avocado and basil, it was the perfect light starter, to prepare me for my heavy main and dessert! Sorry I didn't get a photo of C's Moutabel Mezze, I totally forgot until she had polished off the lot!

For main I had the Shawarma Lamb, which is slowly cooked thin layers of lamb sliced and served in grilled Lebanese bread. Moroccan/Lebanese lamb is my favourite, I adore the way they cook it so tender and full of flavour and spice! Although my main didn't look like much, it filled me up and I barely had room for pudding!

 C had the Lamb Tagine and a side of Couscous, which she said was delicious! It certainly looked good!

 For dessert we both had the Fig Tart with Cinammon Ice-Cream. I am a huge fan of figs, as you'll already know from my Providores post, and although yummy, I found this tart quite stodgy and heavy. It was really the Cinnamon Ice-Cream that made the dish, as that really was like Heaven in your mouth!

Just as we were finishing our dessert the music stepped up a notch and a Belly Dancer appeared to entertain everyone. She was very good, and C and I left giggling after quietly admitting we wished we could do that!

Overall we had a fantastic time at Mamounia, and I would definitely go back. It would be great fun in Summer as you can sit outside and have Shisha - it was just far too cold Saturday night for us to even dare to brave it! All of the food was delicious, my only disappointment was the very loud music, the stodgy dessert, and also I found it weird how the staff uniforms were tracksuits...? But maybe that's just me. Despite those small annoyances, I would highly recommend a visit! I'm still drooling just thinking about that lamb!

* We were invited to Mamounia Lounge for review purposes and received our food and drink complimentary.

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  1. you look so beautiful :)) and I´m hungry now! :D

  2. this looks sooo luxurious glad u had a great time and enjoyed the meal xx

  3. Ooou I've always wanted to go here! I'm gonna have to go during the summer time to sit outside and smoke shisha! Great saved me going on review sites haha x

  4. This whole place and the food looks stunning! xx


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