Saturday, 27 October 2012

A James Bond Night of Glamour in London.

Last night some friends and I had a James Bond Night. We started with drinks at the Royal Automobile Club, where the Aston Martin DB5 is currently, before we moved on to the American Bar at The Savoy, and finally we went to the midnight showing of Skyfall at the BFI IMAX cinema.

At first we considered whether or not to dress up in black tie like the James Bond party we had in the summer, but decided to go for just 'smart' instead. There were quite a few people at the cinema dressed in black tie though! 

We started with drinks at the cocktail bar at the RAC in Pall Mall, before we 'ooohed' and 'aaahed' at the Aston Martin DB5 from Skyfall in the lobby. It's exactly the same one, it even has the same numberplate!

Then we moved on to The Savoy's American Bar to try out some of their James Bond cocktails

 The yellow cocktail is the 'Skyfall' cocktail, and was absolutely delicious!

Naturally I had to wear nail polish from the OPI Skyfall Collection.Sadly I hadn't applied a top coat when I put it on a couple of days before, so it was chipped :(

 The mixologist making a cocktail on top of the piano and in time to the jazz pianist's playing!

The beautiful art deco outside of The Savoy.

We then headed to the cinema...

 And although it started at midnight, we refused to go in until D's phone read '007' geddit? ;)

We had an absolutely fantastic night, it was an awesome way to celebrate 50 years of Bond with some great friends! Sadly I was disappointed by the film, I'm a Sean Connery/George Lazenby fan at heart. I loved Casino Royale, but the last two I feel just aren't really 'bondy'. I don't know, I was just disappointed and feel they're trying to make it too action-packed and gritty rather than concentrating on the storyline, plot, and light-heartedness of the old films. Plus, I had to fight back tears at the end when a certain someone dies :(

Have you seen Skyfall yet? What's your favourite Bond film&Actor? 


  1. OMG this is soo cool! Wish we can organize a James Bond Party too here in PH

    Blair at

    1. You should do one, just go to a couple of nice bars then go see the movie :) easy to do and so much fun!


  2. This looks like an amazing night, very jealous. Those cocktails look delicious and you're looking fabulous! xxx

  3. Looks amazing and I love that car!


  4. Oh wow you definitely had fun. I have yet to see it. Favourite actor would deffo be thee Daniel Craig haha


  5. I'm not a fan of James Bond, but this looks like an amazing night, especially the cocktails! I miss my days of working in a cocktail bar!


  6. thanks for sharing..


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