Friday, 14 September 2012

Raffles Re-launch & Dukebox First Friday.

Wednesday night after a couple of hours at the new London club Dukebox's launch party, the girls and I headed to Juju to meet some friends for drinks before heading across the road to Raffles to see the new refurb and celebrate Sophie's (AKA The Pink Fox) birthday! I was a little confused as to why Raffles did a refurb, as it looked great before, but stepping inside it was nice to see everything so fresh and clean, and they also have a new dance floor. 

Whereas before the dance floor lit up in different colours, it's now more modern and 'techno' with rows of lights lighting up and flashing rather than the entire dance floor. The dance podium is still there, as is the resident saxophonist! The bar looked the same but the tables and booths looked new and less tatty than before. 

We saw a couple of people from Dukebox there (clearly they were stalking us...*nods*), and Hugo Taylor and Natalie Joel from Made in Chelsea were on the table next to us. The Raffles team also made Sophie's birthday a great night, with drinks and cupcakes.

Sophie's birthday cupcakes!

If you fancy popping down to Raffles to see the new refurb for yourself, just say 'Pink Fox' on the door and if you're a fillie you'll get in for free! Guys are £10. 

After a nights' rest, my friend Katie and I headed back to Dukebox last night for the champagne reception and their first Friday night being open. 

We threw some shapes on the dance-floor...

And swung around the carousel pole...

My skirt is a little Topshop number from a couple of years go - I love the colours so much!

We met a couple of cool photographers who taught me some italian! They also took quite a few photos and promised to send them to me...*fingers crossed they actually do*

Beautiful Katie!
Katie and I on the carousel inspired dance podium

We spotted some very large bottles of Vodka in the managed to persuade a lovely group of young men to get one for us

After hours of dancing our little socks off in Dukebox, we headed to the inevitable...VQ.

Katie had the VQ burger and fries, while I had my usual - buttermilk pancakes with a side of sweet potato fries and sour cream. 

It's been a heavy few days...excuse me while I curl up in a ball and sleep for the next week.



  1. Ah looks like you had such a good night! X

  2. Lool looks like a cool night, I love the skirt

    1. Thanks, it's one of my favourites, I love it!


  3. That's one large Vodka bottle! The party looks like a blast!


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