Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Phil Smith Big it Up Hair Range.

A few weeks ago I decided to test out a new hair product range rather than my usual 'fail safe' ones. I wanted a product that gave my hair more thickness and volume, so decided to try the Phil Smith Big it Up shampoo, conditioner, and cream. All of the products smell delicious, I think they smell of fig? But the first thing I noticed about the shampoo was that it really doesn't lather well, and you need a lot of conditioner to actually cover your hair (my hair needs quite a bit of conditioner). Despite being 250ml bottles the conditioner only lasted me just over a week's use of using it every day, and the shampoo lasted about two weeks. So I wasn't too impressed and didn't really enjoy using them. I prefer the cream to the shampoo&conditioner.

After using the shampoo and conditioner I then used the cream before blow-drying. I personally didn't see that much of a difference in the volume of my hair, but my gay best friend M did see a difference, as soon as he saw me he commented on how voluminous and great my hair looked. Check out the photo below and see what you think, do you think it looks voluminous and thick? (In case you're new here, I'm the one in the silver dress and with my hair down)

Have you tried this hair product range? What's your favourite product for volume and thickness?



  1. Your hair looks amazing, very Kate Middleton (I think that's been said about anyone who has wavy, volume-y hair, haha! But true!) x

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous in that photo. Shame the product didn't last long x

  3. This product is for short to medium length hair. i have short hair and it worked amazingly on my hair. It has never looked so good.

    1. My hair is medium length, and I guess it did work a little if people noticed a difference, but just in myself I didn't notice much of a difference.



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