Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bucks Club Dinner With Lord Black.

Last week was the Young Stationers black tie dinner at Bucks Club, the club where Bucks Fizz was created! We had a champagne reception before a sumptuous three-course dinner in the beautifully intimate dining room. Lord Black of Brentwood attended and gave a talk on the Leveson enquiry and what it means for the media. For those of you who don't know, Guy Black (aka Lord Black) is the CEO of the Telegraph media group, so the talk he gave was really interesting and he's a fantastic speaker - very engaging and easy to listen to. 

It was a very sophisticated evening - none of the debauchery that usually entails, so I'm afraid this may be a slightly boring post, but it was a nice change! For those of you who are interested I wore my blue Reiss dress that I also wore for the Jubilee Dinner (the one like Kate Middleton's). Anyway, enough talking! Enjoy the photos - all of which are courtesy of Chris Hanges as my battery ran out.

Lord Black seated in the middle

The very yummy menu!

Lord Black talking about the aftermath of the Leveson Enquiry

Are any of you in the media? What do you think of the Leveson enquiry?



  1. So I have a question... how exactly do you end up getting invited to all these high class functions? parties, galas, getting into high end clubs... it seems like you somehow manage to do it all and somehow keep some semblance of a bank account... if you have a secret , i want in

    1. Fair question.

      There's no secret, it's just the world of London's Clubland. I'm a member of a private members club in London, and have been since I was 17.

      This event however, was hosted by the Worshipful Company of Stationers, which is a Livery Company (Google it), so it's slightly different to the clubs.

      And the bank account? Well, I'm just very very careful and good with my money when it comes to spending on clothing, beauty products, travel etc etc. Maybe one day I'll share my secrets on how to live the high life on a budget? ;)


    2. This was the question I was wondering. XD

      I think a post on living the high life on a budget would be a great post. ;) I know how to live a semblance of a good life on a budget but not a high one. lol

    3. Haha, ok, I'll start putting a post together! Watch this space! ;)


    4. Woo hoo! :)

  2. Hi Catherine, love the blog... I keep on checking back... I just love lifestyle blogs!!

    Anyway who is the man in the last picture, he LOOKS very familiar??




  3. Hi Victor, thank you so much! I always find myself drawn to yours too - lifestyle blogs are just so much more interesting to follow than blogs that focus on one subject.

    That is Kevin Dewey, Master of the Stationers City Livery Company. A lovely gentleman, ever so friendly to everyone!



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