Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Savage Night in Clubland.

Last night was the annual Inter-Club Club Crawl, which means one thing - Autumn has pretty much arrived! This time the clubs involved were the In and Out (also known as Naval and Military), The Reform, The National Liberal, and The Savage. Like last year we had drinks at each club and then dinner at The National Liberal, before moving down to the Savage Club for live Jazz. This year I got lots more photos, as I actually took my camera with me, but I didn't get any until The Savage Club at the end, soz.

The tiny Savage Club is only one room, but it's incredibly quirky in it's art and decor, and always has a fantastic atmosphere. Every time we go there we always have a great time! Not to mention the band are amazing.

 Ciara and Edd are the dancing king and queen of Clubland!

 Group photo!


Towards the end of the night everyone joined in in the dancing to one of my favourite songs - Little Brown Jug by Glenn Miller...

And yep, there's me being thrown around the dance floor by a very drunk American. He whizzed me around the dance floor, bumping and pushing everyone else out of the way while my heels trod on many a toe. We had a blast and ended up bent double from laughing while everyone stepped out of our way.

We then all collapsed on the sofa before heading to VQ for the standard 2am burger and chips!

 Toodle pip from the gang, and we hope you all have a week as fabulous as ours!



  1. Hi Catherine,
    I stumbled upon you through your post on the Celtic Manor. I totally agree, the surroundings and initial impression of the hotel is magnificent. Dig a little deeper and it is a fairly poor excuse for 5*! The rooms are a bit tired, the buffets average and if you had ordered a room service meal I'm sure you would have been as disgusted as we were. A huge disappointment. They do, however, serve one of the best afternoon teas in South Wales :-)

    Nice blog with some good recommendations, for any age group.

    1. Hi Di! Thanks for your comment. The buffet was less than average to say the least, but we went back in April for another visit and went to a different restaurant, and the food was much better than the buffet one! We had a much better experience in April than we did in December, but I agree, they really need to sort the food out when it's advertised as 5*. We didn't try the afternoon tea, however we did discover a love for their sandwiches and crisps in the bar. I'll make sure to try the afternoon tea next time I'm there ;) hehe



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