Thursday, 23 August 2012

YooMoo Frozen Yoghurt - Supermarket Range.

After my review post on YooMoo's in-store froyo range, the lovely PR girls over there sent me some vouchers so I could review their supermarket range as well. Obviously the at-home range is very different to the in-store, as it's in tubs, so you don't get that lovely oozing smooth froyo out of the machine and the huge range of toppings (unless you buy them yourself), but it still tasted absolutely delicious, and was definitely one of the best frozen yoghurt ranges I've tried at home. It's creamy and tastes just like ice-cream, but it's so much healthier! The strawberry flavour isn't too over-powering, but isn't too weak either, and the natural is just what it says, totally naked and just full of creamy frozen yoghurty goodness! Perfect.

Sadly our supermarket didn't have the chocolate, so we got strawberry and natural.
The only bad thing about YooMoo froyo, isn't the froyo, but the tubs. They're actually quite difficult to open, as the plastic bit that you break to lift it up isn't very clearly defined. 

The cheeseball photos. Shoving froyo in my mouth.
Seriously though, this froyo is amazing!

My brother has a straaange way of eating froyo...he eats it as if he's eating an ice-cream on a cone.
It was so yummy we took the tubs outside and ate it straight out the tub!
After finding out that natural Frozen Yoghurt is good for Dogs, we just knew that we had to see if Dylan liked it. We put a large scoop of the natural YooMoo on a spoon, and held it out for you can see, he loved it! It was a hot day so was the perfect refreshing treat for him.

Just like us, he licked the spoon clean and was left wanting more!

If you want to try YooMoo's at home range, you can find it in your local supermarket, and they do both big tubs and little tubs!



  1. Ooh I want to try this now! It looks so good! Your brother definitely has the strangest approach to eating things off a spoon! Haha the dog pictures are cute :)

    Helen xxx

  2. Yum! The strawberry one looks delicious!

  3. I decided to try YooMoo myself after reading this. I had the Tropicoolmoo 150ml tub and it was so yum that I blogged about it!

    1. Ooh I haven't tried that one! Will take a look at the post :)


  4. Gosh, that looks like it tastes delicious! LOL at the dog :)

  5. OH my gosh..that looks soo yummy!!


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