Friday, 10 August 2012

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye.

Ah, my German roots are clearly coming out in me! Anywho, Wednesday I said goodbye to my University house and wonderful housemates. Tuesday was our last night in the house, and we celebrated with our very last 'Two for Tuesdays' with Dominos (a monthly tradition in the house for the past 2 years). It was pretty emotional, and in a way I feel as though I've lost my independence as I've moved back home with my parents now until I can find a job and place to live in central London. The past two years in the house have been great, and I'm definitely going to miss my housemates! We had a heaps of laughs and fun together, a few arguments and lots of learning curves. A couple of my learning curves were; always switch the oven off after using it, and never get the door caught on the rug...otherwise it leads to one of my poor housemates having to climb through the window to get it unstuck the other side of the back door (see photos at the bottom). 

I'm also going to miss our landlady, she was absolutely amazing, she provided us all with brand new furniture, and always used to come round and bring us a package of fruit, biscuits and chocolate (the perfect student food package)!

1. One of the housemates left on Sunday and took her big TV with her, so we had to watch TV on the computer instead :(
2. Last ever dominos! I had my usual texas bbq with extra sauce for the crusts, while Ana had pepperoni. 
3&4. My empty bedroom!

I kept getting the back door stuck on the rug, so Ana had to climb out and get it unstuck :/



  1. That's really sad, it must be weird leaving uni. Two for Tuesdays is a great deal though, use it all the time. And as I'm catching up on blogs and just read the Froyo post and now I've seen pizza I am getting even hungrier.

    1. It is sad :( miss them all already and its only been a few days, lol!



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