Friday, 17 August 2012

Gin & Jazz at the Intercontinental.

Last night the girls and I headed to the Intercontinental on Park Lane in Mayfair for their Gin & Jazz night. We received a complimentary gin each to start with, before the band started playing, the cocktails started flowing, and the food on the food platters ended up in our bellies. 

The really yummy food platter! Everything was delicious!

The music was fantastic, the food and cocktails delectable, and all in all it was a great event which was a lot of fun! After we had exhausted their cocktail menu we headed to my favourite bar - Galvin At Windows, which is on the 28th floor of the Hilton Park Lane and has stunning views all over the city!

Elevator photos!
The Galvin at Windows bar refurb! Much more open than the old bar interior.

The view over Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Putney in the distance.

Cocktails and tap water - very sensible!
We had a fantastic night, with a lot of giggles, cocktails, and falling down the street at the end of the night whilst singing at the tops of our voices. We even made a complete hottie laugh in M&S at 1am when we were drunkenly (and very loudly) trying to figure out why anyone would want 'Veggie Pigs' instead of Percy Pigs, whilst I bought my bag of bread rolls to soak up the drink.

London - I love you.


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