Monday, 20 August 2012

A Debaucherous Birthday Party.

I had a full weekend of partying this weekend, so I'm spending my day off today writing blog posts and napping/recovering. Yesterday was the infamous Rhidian bash. Every year my friend celebrates his birthday by inviting all of his friends to join him at his house for a night of debauchery. It starts in the early afternoon, and usually goes on until the afternoon of the following day, some people even go straight to work from the party (it's always on a Sunday). 

You probably won't believe what went on if I told I'll just have to show you in photos...

There were two bouncy castles...

A lot of seesha smokin'...

As the sun went down croquet was played on the croquet lawn...

Before the partying really started...

Yes. There is a POLE in the living room.

After dancing the night away we went back to the Bouncy Castles...

After our last few jumps on the bouncy castle pretending we were kids again, we then ran back to the house, threw the cameras to the ground, stripped off, and jumped into the indoor heated swimming pool. After a couple of hours floating lazily around we then headed back outside to the hot tub, where Pimms was drunk, Caviar was eaten, and the partying continued...

Mixing Pimms and Lemonade in the hot tub

Jars of Caviar

After the hot tub, we all headed to the dungeon. The sex dungeon. Complete with swings, chains drilled to the walls, stocks, and a swinging bed...
Martin tests out the swinging bed...
...while I pushed a lovely young man out of the swing. Seriously, I wanted a go!

My new Gay best friend Martin had great fun taking photos! The swing was actually surprisingly comfortable, but no, I won't be buying one. And obviously clothes stayed on and no funny business occurred - promise. It wasn't that sort of party!
I finally got home in the early hours of this morning after the tiredness became too much. Some of my friends stayed on until 6am swimming and partying hard, as we all do best.

PS; God help me if my family sees this. Once again, I promise nothing happened and clothes stayed on!


  1. lmao, omg what a fantastic birthday party.

    Now that goes to show you can still have such fun birthdays as an adult .. love it!! xo

    Dolce Vanity>

    1. Haha, I think birthday parties become more fun as you get older! :)


  2. Haha now that looks like a party! I'm, sex swing? Well it looks like a lot of fun! Glad you had a great time! Why are none of my friends willing to hire bouncy castles?? :)

    Helen xxx

  3. Looks like you had a wicked party. Never too old for bouncy castles... I had one for my birthday :)



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