Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Park - London 2012.

Today I visited the Olympic Park. The park itself is huge, and incredibly spacious with loads of room to walk around, grassy areas to sit and watch the events on big screens, eating places, and of course the stadiums and arenas. We had a picnic, watched Tom Daley and the synchronized diving on the big screen, and then stood and watched them filming for NBC, where we met Ryan Seacrest and Bruce Jenner. 

 NBC Today Show filming English foods (except they filmed them with no vegetables, just meat and carbs. So instead of bangers, mash and peas...they just had bangers and mash :S)

 I love how Ryan Seacrest looks so happy...bless him. Also he actually looks really different in real life to how he looks on TV!

My brother and I with Bruce Jenner, Olympic Medalist and step-father to the Kardashian sisters.
Sorry these photos are in black and white, but I had no make-up on (my parents were rushing to get me out the house this morning and I completely forgot until we were on the train and I freaked out before having a sulk :/)

The biggest and most exciting part of the day though, was meeting Andy Lee, from The Hamish and Andy Show. The Hamish and Andy show is an Australian radio show, and we used to listen to them everyday on the way home from school. 'Hame' and Andy are so unbelievably funny, and they have two CD's with their pranks and funniest moments on, and I always listen to them when I'm driving. 

Anyway, so we were just walking by the Velodrome, when we saw three Aussie men, and one of which looked like Andy Lee. My brother, mum and I were standing there casually looking in their direction trying to work out if it was him or not, and couldn't decide, so we all closed our eyes and listened to his voice to see if it was the same as on the radio show - it was! We must have looked like complete idiots, and my Dad was a bit confused, but we were so excited so went up to him and started chatting to him. He was so nice! And he even introduced himself and asked what our names were and shook our hands before posing for a photo. He and his friends were in their way to see Australia play France in the basketball for Andy's birthday.

My brother was also in this photo, but he ruined it by having his eyes I cut him out.

We had a fantastic day at the Olympic Park, but if you want to go I think all of the Olympic day passes are sold out now :( 

Oh, and we also saw the Prime Minister, David Cameron!



  1. aww i love bruce! hah, this looks like an amazing place, wish i'd travelled down to London now, even though i didn't get tickets! :)xo

  2. Wow, looking good. I love the wildflowers.

    1. The wildflowers were so beautiful! It was really nice how they incorporated nature into it all; with the flowers, grassy areas, and wetlands.


  3. Guess u had loadss of fun and u got to meet people like Ryan Seacrest & Bruce Jenner. xo

  4. wow look like an amazing time, fancy following each other?? xxxx

  5. Hi Catherine, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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