Friday, 20 July 2012

Los Angeles, California.

After San Francisco we drove down to Los Angeles via Pismo Beach and the scenic coastal road, which was just beautiful!

Just a little pale...

Our brand spankin' new Chrysler 300c. We love these cars, we hired the older version when we roadtripped around the deep south in 2005.

The view from the Spyglass Restaurant at Pismo Beach. This restaurant was really lovely and we went there
 as they did my favourite - Swordfish! It was delicious, and had the most gorgeous view!

After a night in Pismo Beach we carried on down the coast road to Los Angeles, stopping off at a beautiful lake. We were staying in Beverly Hills in LA, so stopped off in Calabasas for lunch and went to Vons to get some basic snacks and things for the hotel room. Mini bars are so expensive, we'd much rather buy that kinda stuff from the supermarket!

We stayed in Beverly Hills for four nights, which was incredible! Our hotel was right by Rodeo Drive and Beverly Drive, and we ate in some great restaurants, went jogging in the mornings, went on a trolleybus tour of the area, visited Marilyn Monroe and Dean Martin's graves, and also went to mass at the church where Frank Sinatra's requiem was held. I fell in love with this city! 

We also visited Hollywood (which was actually really dirty), went to Venice Beach (don't go there - it's also really dirty), and Santa Monica beach (much better than Venice beach!), and we also went on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour (which was amazing - I'll do a separate post on this next week!). We didn't actually go to downtown LA, but apparently there isn't much to do there.

Our first night in Beverly Hills we went to The Cheesecake Factory and stuffed ourselves with burgers and Oreo Cheesecake. We're all huge Big Bang Theory fans and so obviously we had to visit Penny's work place! 

Rodeo Drive!

The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where the film Pretty Women was filmed. The concierge wasn't very friendly. But I think that was because my mum went in to ask for recommendations when we weren't actually staying there...and told them that we weren't staying there.

Possibly the coolest house ever?!

Glenn Miller's star - one of my all-time favourite musicians!

Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

Please excuse my sunburnt cleavage. Fred Astaire's hand and footprints!
I love Fred Astaire so much, it would be by dream to be able to dance like him!

Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

My brother planking on the top half of Rodeo Drive. It was about 8am, hence the quietness!

An amazing Marilyn Monroe painting in an art gallery on Beverly Drive.

Santa Monica Beach.

Santa Monica Pier - the end of Route 66

The beautiful Catholic church where Frank Sinatra's requiem was held. Luckily we're Catholics, so we went along to Mass here on the Sunday night :)

Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe are both buried in an incredibly beautiful cemetery right in the middle of Beverly Hills. It's quietly tucked away amongst the office buildings and skyscrapers...yet when you enter it's a haven of green lush grass, water features, beautiful trees and pretty colourful flowers.

California itself really reminded me of Western Australia; the landscape, weather, and sweet smell of the peppermint trees. I really loved the entire state. I'll do separate review posts next week on my favourite places to eat here, as well as the Warner Brothers Tour!


  1. So jealous! One day I'm going to live in Beverly Hills! :)



  2. Ahh, I love this post! This is exactly what I want to do - I almost feel like booking the trip on a whim after reading your post! I didn't even know there was a cheesecake factory! A whole place for cheesecake sounds unreal (it's my favourite). The oreo cheesecake looks amazing!

    Scarlett xxx

    1. Ahh you have to, it's such an amazing place, I loved it!

      Yesss, Cheesecake Factory is a huge chain of restaurants all over America, they serve normal food too, but their specialty is cheesecakes, they literally have them in every flavour you can imagine!

      C x


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