Sunday, 1 July 2012

Henley Royal Regatta - Stewards Enclosure.

Yesterday was the last day of June, and the last of my 'big' summer events. Looking back at my blog posts in June, you can see how many truly amazing events I attended, and I feel so unbelievably lucky. So, did Henley deliver and round of an incredibly month? Duh, of course!!

Thanks to a friend, we nabbed tickets to the fancy-pants Stewards Enclosure, so set off early yesterday morning to make the most of the day. I wore the DKNY draped jersery dress I was supposed to wear for Ascot (I changed my Ascot dress last minute to the black and white LK Bennett one), and obviously I just had to wear my Yull Shoes with it, as they match perfectly with the colours! We arrived around 10am, and straight away the Fashion Police were out in force, checking every woman's skirt length, and we even saw them turning away a woman wearing a knee-length dress! Phewf, thank goodness mine was below the knee! We watched a couple of races before walking the entire mile and a half down to the start line, (Stewards Enclosure is at the finish line) stopping off for yummy pancakes on the way, before walking all the way yes, I walked 3 miles, in heels.. 

The day was fabulous, we had the most amazing picnic spread, the rowing itself was fantastic, and we even had home-made scones for afternoon tea! Thankfully after a bit of a wet morning the weather turned out glorious - it was very relaxing sitting on the riverside in the deckchairs with the sun out. But unfortuntely I got rather sunburnt, so am now covering myself in Aloe Vera.

My beautiful Yull Primrose Shoes!

 The amazing picnic (this wasn't even all of it, we had another picnic basket full of more food!)

 Some very sophisticated sandwich making techniques were going on...

 I decided to have my afternoon nap in the middle of the picnic...I was tired from the early start, ok!

 All of the boys in blazers in Stewards Enclosure.

 Our delicious afternoon tea, complete with a jug of Pimms!

 Prince Alfred College, Australia. We had lunch with Tax, one of their rowers. Unfortunately they lost :/

Towards the end of the day we slummed it and headed to the Regatta Enclosure to meet up with a couple of friends. 

It really was a fantastic day. Thank you June, for being such an epic month! Now onto'll find out about what I get up to in July towards the end of the month ;)



  1. I was there on Sunday (yesterday) loved it! Didn't go in the enclosure though ;) Looks like you had a lovely day! xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Ah jealous you got to go to finals day! Hope you had a great day - we definitely had a lovely time! :)



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