Sunday, 29 July 2012

Granger & Co.

I told you all ages ago that I would eventually get around to reviewing Granger & Co in Notting Hill, and well, months later, I finally did it! I've been going there quite a bit lately after a friend took me, I've become a liiiittle bit addicted to their Ricotta Hot Cakes and Courgette Fries.

Situated on Westbourne Grove, this trendy brunch spot in Notting Hill is a must if you love casual dining and delicious food! Started by Bill Granger, an Australian, he's brought the Aussie 'cafe culture' from Sydney to London with Granger & Co, and because of this, he is my hero. I've been missing the Australian cafe culture ever since I moved back to London from Perth three years ago, so when my friend took me here, I fell to my knees in thanks. Not literally. That would be weird.

Granger and Co London

Granger & Co London
I had my usual; the ricotta hotcakes with fresh banana, honeycomb butter and maple syrup drizzled over for good measure, along with my favourite courgette fries with lime and coriander mayo...

Granger & Co Ricotta Hot Cakes
Ricotta Hot Cakes.

Granger & Co Courgette Fries
Courgette Fries
My friend Mr H had the fragrant fish curry with jasmine rice and cucumber relish, he said it ws delicious, and he loved the fact it was quite a sweet and fruity curry.

Granger & Co Fragrant Fish Curry
Fragrant Fish Curry.
Granger & Co London
That empty looking corner of the counter is usually filled with huge creamy cakes and delicious home-made muffins. Sadly we had a very late brunch (4pm), so they had all gone from the afternoon coffee rush by the time we got there :'(

If you feel like popping in, expect to queue first thing in the morning and around lunch-time, Granger is a very popular place. But just wait patiently and they'll get you seated as soon as possible, and I promise it's worth the wait. Also, I've never tried the burger as I'm a creature of habit, but it looks amazing! If you try it - let me know...if it's good enough, maybe I'll break my habit next time I go there ;)

Thank you Granger & Co, for bringing Aussie style food to London! I <3 You.

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  1. That place looks mighty fine, especially those hot cakes, never had anything like that before!xx

  2. Oooh thanks for posting this as a throwback on twitter. I've read so many great things and your pics and recommendations only add to it all!
    Can't wait to go next month, I think you've persuaded me to opt for those hot cakes :)
    x x


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