Wednesday, 20 June 2012

University Results - I Have a Degree.

Yesterday I got my University results. And am very proud to announce I now have a BSc with Honours in Communications and Media. But yesterday, I wasn't so proud. I was aiming for a 2:1 degree, and ended up with a 2:2. When I saw the number on my page my heart sunk and I literally couldn't stop crying. I felt as though I'd worked my butt off, and put in so many hours of hard work and sleepless nights, for nothing. But then my Mum made me realize what an achievement it was...

...University hasn't been an easy ride for me; over the past three years I've had countless health issues, including an operation, PTSD and depression (I was on medication for over a year, and I finally came off it last year), numerous deaths amongst my close family and friends (more than most people have to deal with in a lifetime, let alone by the time they're 20), a long-distance relationship to juggle (and not just any LDR, one from Australia to the UK), as well as the whole moving to London from Australia, and being constantly homesick for that stupidly beautiful land down under. And not only did I go through all that, and successfully graduate from University, but I did so while holding down a part-time job and starting up my own freelance business. So ya know what, my Mum made me realize that actually, I should be bloody proud of myself for sticking with it and refusing to quit even when I was in the darkest point of my life. When most people would have dropped out or given up, I carried on, slugging away at my lectures and essays, going to work and acting like everything was fine, and winning myself paid freelance projects. I pushed through everything that could have (and should have) made me falter, just to have the letters 'BSc' at the end of my name, because like everything I do, no matter what happens - I do not quit. 

I may not have a great degree, and because of that I may not be the most 'attractive' graduate in the grad jar to future employers, but I completed what I set out to do - graduate...and most of all, survive the past three years that have been completed and utter hell for me.

So I'd just like to thank everyone who has given me the unwavering support I've needed the past couple of years, especially my parents, my friends, and my personal tutor Chris Rojek, for always answering my countless panic emails which usually started with 'Me again, this has happened - I must be cursed, what do I do?', and helping me out whenever he could. 

Now that I've finally finished, I can put all of that behind me, look forward to my future, and hopefully *fingers crossed* get a super awesome job in London :)

"Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds."

Brunel - thanks for the memories.
Congrats to the class of 2012! See you all at Graduation!


  1. Congratulations on your degree! It is a huge achievement and you should be proud! :). I had my second year results yesterday too, nerve-wracking day!

  2. Congratulations! Many people don't make it through uni so the fact you did is a success in itself. You should be very proud! x

  3. What an inspirational post, University is bloody hard, sometimes people can forget that. Good for you :) A LDR alone is hard, you must be a strong person :) xxx


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