Monday, 18 June 2012

Ritz Club Jazz Night and Quote.

This is a bit of an 'update' post. This week has been quite busy, I found my dress for Royal Ascot this Friday (I'll post a photo after Ascot, but if you follow me on Twitter you can see it there), I'm still looking for a hat though. Then on Thursday I went to The Ritz Club a friend (cough), and it was the Jazz and Swing night there, so we had a wonderful evening sipping rum and wine at the beautiful mahogany bar and listening to the music of Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra. With the music, everyone dressed beautifully, and the setting of the opulent and magnificent Ritz Club, we could easily have been in the 1950's. Sadly I didn't get photos - I always feel uncomfortable getting my camera out in there, so I've included a photo from the website below. In the photo you can't really see the bar itself (which is stunning) but you get the idea of the type of decor in the room.

Friday the sad news arrived that a young man I knew passed away. He was a close friend of some of my friends, and although I didn't know him very well, I will always be grateful to him for sticking up for me a couple of months ago when many others didn't. I think when you know so many young people who have died like I have, it puts things in perspective and makes you realize how short life is. You really never know what is going to happen. One of my favourite quote's is at the bottom of this post. Friday night we also had the Jubilee Ball - see separate post here

Saturday I went to Granger in Notting Hill with a friend (cough), which is owned and managed by Australian chef Bill Granger. Granger has recently become one of my favourite places to eat after Sarah WY from Yull Shoes took me and Sarah N from aMuse fashions there for a girly catch-up a few weeks back. They do the best Ricotta Hotcakes EVER, and the tastiest Courgette Fries, and it really does remind of of the cafe's and restaurants back in Aus. I'll have to do a review post at some point! Afterwards M took me for my very first trip down Portobello Markets! :)

All in all, and despite the sad news on Friday, I've had a pretty good week, and am a happy girly right now :)


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  1. Such a sweet post, its nice to see that you've had a lovely day! Have fun at Ascot on Friday.



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