Saturday, 16 June 2012

OSMO Berber Hair Oil.

I was not impressed with the May Glossybox, to say the least (I have since cancelled my subscription). The May box was their birthday edition, and yes the extra balloon and compact mirror were cute yadiyadiyadah, but seriously, they could have made it a little more special for their first anniversary. I was disappointed and unimpressed with all of my samples, apart from one. The Berber Hair Oil. I was excited by this product, and this product only, and after using it, I am still excited and have recently ordered a full-sized 100ml product off Amazon. To put it simply, it has been my saviour. 

The 10ml sample/travel sized Berber Oil from May's Glossybox

My hair history:
I used to blow-dry and straighten my hair every single day, until I moved to Australia, and the beach, sunshine and constant swimming in the pool and ocean just made it completely impossible to keep straight and perfect, as it would always end up going back to being natural and wavy after just a few hours or as soon as I went swimming. So I let it go and stopped blow-drying and straightening it, and allowed it to go natural. My hair was dry and frizzy from years of subjecting it to so much heat styling, and when I returned to England from Australia, despite the quitting of using heated products on it about half-way through my time there, it was still sun-bleached, salty and completely dried out from 2 years living on a beach. Now, after a couple of years living back in England, and hardly using heated products on it (maybe once a month I get the courage to blow-dry and straighten it), it is in absolutely perfect condition, shiny, healthy, and so very soft. It also helps that I'm a hair-dye virgin! But I would love to be able to blow-dry and straighten it more often, and not have to worry about the frizz and making it horribly dry again, as although I now love my naturally wavy hair, I do get bored with it.
Cue, Berber Hair Oil...

The Review:
So I only tried this out last week, despite getting it in my Glossybox last month, and the first time I used it it was heaven, and it has continued to be, heaven. I can now blow-dry and straighten my hair, and my hair doesn't go frizzy, it stays in perfect place all day, and it also makes my hair feel lovely and soft and thick. Berber Oil is very quick and easy to use, and it also smells amazing! 

The oil has Argan Oil in it, and is rich in Vitamin E which has been formulated to reduce drying time. It's quite a thick pale pink oil which spreads between your hands and goes onto your hair like a dream. You put it on towel-dried hair and it gives your hair volume and body as well as non-frizz, but you can also put it on dry hair for just non-frizz and shine. If put in your hair before blow-drying and straightening, it helps to protect the hair from heat styling, and it also has UV filters in it to protect against sun damage.

Berber Oil has made such a difference to my hair. Although it was already shiny and healthy, I can now blow-dry and style my hair without worrying about heat damage, and it also prevents the frizziness I always got before when blow-drying and makes drying my hair way faster than when not using it!

My blow-dried and straightened hair

Zero frizz/static. Perfectly smooth!

Have you used Berber Hair Oil? What are your views?



  1. Looks like a great product. Excellent find. Fight the frizz!

    1. It's fantastic! Love your blog - following :)


  2. I love Berber Oil (or 'Bieber Oil', as I misread it when I first got it!) so much! It's amazing, I've just got through my sample bottle and don't have the money for the fullsize, SO frustrating! x

    1. Haha, nice! It is amazing, go on amazon and you can get the 100ml bottle for just £12 rather than the RRP £22!


  3. Your hair looks beautiful, definitely need to check that out.


  4. Left my hair feeling soft and shiny with added volume love it and will last as you only need a small amount on wet hair. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  5. Its looking great and Your hair is looking so beautiful. thank you for sharing with us. keep posting.


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