Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jubilee Ball.

Friday night was the Jubilee Ball in aid of new charity, Fighting Force. It was held at one of my favourite private member's clubs - The Royal Automobile Club, and it was a fantastic evening full of fabulous food, a raffle, a charity auction which included a personal gift from The Duchess of Cornwall, a performance from the National Youth Theatre, a band, and casino tables. The after-party was held at Mahiki, which as you all know, isn't my favourite place in the world. But ya know what, we had a great time there on Friday! And the music was SO much better than last time - they actually played proper clubbing music that you can dance to! I think it's safe to say that Mahiki and I are now friends. You can't really see my dress in the photos :( but it was from Zara.

In case you're new to my blog - that's me. Cheesy grin and all.

The beautiful Royal Automobile Club!

The starter was Salmon, but I can't stand Salmon so I gave it to one of my friends, and then I had his dessert :P so he had two starters and I had two desserts, haha. The main was Duck, with Potato Mornay (cheesy potato) and beans, the duck was absolutely perfect and the potato mornay soooo morish!!

 This dessert was literally Heaven on a plate. Passionfruit mousse with coconut sorbet. Yum!

My legs now hurt so much from all that dancing at Mahiki in towering heels, and walking 'round Notting Hill yesterday, that I can't actually walk today, and I struggled to drive home last night. Ouch!


  1. Nice post! Everything and everyone looks so glam!

  2. how do you join these clubs?

    1. You have to know people who are members, and then if you're suitable they can propose you for membership. I've grown up with them though, so my father helped me become a member of the one I'm a member of.

      C x


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