Monday, 11 June 2012

Jack Wills Varsity Polo 2012.

Now, I was a little dubious about heading to the Jack Wills Polo. I've never been before, and personally I always associate Jack Wills with my 15-year-old self, so being 21 now I felt I was a little old for the occasion, but it turned out ok! A large group of friends and I went, and when we got there I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge range of ages, from young children with their parents, to the obvious JW teenagers, right up to middle-aged men and women. I didn't know before, but Jack Wills Varsity has actually been around since the early 1900's, and was previously just called 'Varsity Polo', until Jack Wills took it over in 2007. 

The day was fantastic, the weather was great, we had a wonderful, tasty and very sophisticated picnic, lots of pimms, and of course the after-party was epic! We didn't see much of the Polo, we only saw the Oxford V Cambridge match as we were far too busy picnicking and having a very jolly time sitting down, but it was brilliant. Cambridge won! The over 18's after-party had incredible DJ's - Scratch Perverts and Caspa, and it had a really great vibe to it. The dancing area was electric and we all had a lot of fun letting loose and dancing our socks off!

 Oxford V Cambridge

Chris wearing his 'Day Two' polo tie, by Hermes.

 Pimms bus!

Very tasty and sophisticated picnic!



Did any of you go to Varsity?



  1. ALWAYS wanted to go to a Polo match, had tickets for Jack Wills a year or two back but had to sell them :( Looks good though xxx


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