Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dylan the Dog.

So as many of you know from my Dylan posts, I have a beautiful golden English Cocker Spaniel...named Dylan. His name idea came from a mix of Dylan Thomas, and Dylan from The Magic Roundabout. If you don't already know Dylan, you probably should, as he's slightly famous. But not many people know that the very first night we had him, we almost lost him. Which brings me onto talking about why pet insurance is so incredibly important to us and our furry friends!

Dylan is our first doggy, but before him we had two rabbits and three guinea-pigs. The rabbits died fairly young; one suffered a Stroke and the other had Cancer, but the Guinea-pigs lived to pretty good ages; 7, 6 and 9! We didn't have pet insurance for the smaller critters, which might be why Floppy and Moppet (the rabbits) ended up being put down...I guess it was just too expensive to operate on a cancerous rabbit? But with Dylan we decided we had to have insurance, as we didn't want a repeat of the last young fatalities. And we are SO glad we did get it! It's so worth the small monthly fee. Having a very energetic Spaniel has resulted in quite a few trips to the vets - ticks, grass seeds getting stuck in his giant paws and getting infected, a hurt leg after he ran around far too wildly, and of course the general neutering when he started to get a liiiitle bit aggressive towards other dogs at that typical 18-month age. But aside from the 'simple' ailments, there was a time when we were very worried. The very first night we got him, he was only seven weeks old, absolutely tiny - you could hold him in one hand (and he was actually smaller than our guinea-pig!), and he became very sick, very quickly. As well as being physically sick, he also had really bad diarrhoea, which obviously isn't good for such a small pup. Cue emergency trip to the vets, lots of medication for a couple of weeks after, and my Dad staying up all night to 'keep watch' and make sure he was ok/still alive. That night made me realize how much this tiny puppy meant to me, and how I was completely and utterly in love with this ball of fluff. If we didn't have pet insurance, and if he hadn't have pulled through, I would have been devastated. So I'm incredibly grateful we have it, it's saved us a lot of money and hassle!

Thankfully he pulled through and is now a bounding ball of energy and fur, and my life would be totally incomplete without him in it!

Teeny tiny baby Dylan with his huge ears!

He was the same size as his toy...

Sleeping puppy!

I had to carry him home after a long walk because he was so small he got too tired to walk
He was so tired he fell asleep in my arms :)

Dylan loves sledging! 

He also gives good hugs!

Every so often his hair gets reeeeally long, and we can do cool hairstyles for him!
I think the centre parting was his best look...

Dylan with our nine-year-old Guinea-pig Nutmeg - he was always terrified of her and every time we put them near each other he would run away from her!

Dylan with his cone after one of his many operations! (Why pet insurance is so important!)
He's such a poser!



  1. That was a great post. Dylan looks like an awesome dog!

  2. aww what a lovely post!

    This is my hello *wave* for Blog Wave Wednesday :)

    Lyndsey xxx

  3. Pet Insurance is amazing and to me the best investment as well as vaccinations/worming/neutering etc of course. Another thing that is important is to check VERY carefully when your purchase insurance and to make sure they are covered for life, not just for a year or so of their illness! As many of these cheaper ones don't cover the illness "forever". Which when it comes to diabetes or arthritis for example, isn't very good.

    My old dog (RIP) ended up with dementia and arthritis so it was a relief the insurance covered his illness for several years. :)

    Both my cat and budgie are insured. :)


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