Saturday, 30 June 2012

Short Hair.

The other day I had my hair cut by a good friend of mine, Daniel, who's a hairdresser at Toni and Guy. He always does a great job, and knows exactly what my hair is like, how it grows, and what it needs etc. This time I decided to take the plunge and go short. Well, shorter than I'm used to. 

I'm still getting used to it, but I'm happy with it and it'll be good to have it shorter and much lighter for the Summer and my holiday to America, as it's sooo heavy when it's long! Thankfully my hair grows quickly, so if I do decide I miss my long locks, I don't have to wait very long to get them back :)



Dylan also got a hair cut the other day...he now looks naked and like a completely different breed of dog! 



I'm off to Henley Regatta now, so look out for my post on it tomorrow evening!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Motcomb Street Party, Belgravia.

Wednesday was the Motcomb Street Party. It has been held every year for the past 25 years, and is a huge street party in Motcomb Street in Belgravia (London). It started with the celebrity opening from Philip Schofeld, before an auction and then a concert with Rod Stewart, George Michael, Elton John, and Tom Jones' tribute acts. There were lots of yummy food stalls, including a Harvey Nichols one, and of course lots of pimms, champagne and dancing! It was a lot of fun, and I have now lost my voice from singing along to every song the entire night! After the street party we headed to The Caledonian Club for drinks, where we sampled some of the barman's new cocktails (including a very tasty one with the main ingredient being Rose Port!).

Enjoy the photos... 

 The street was packed...

Photo courtesy of Chris Hanges.

The Champagne and Pimms were flowing...

Photo courtesy of Chris Hanges.
 Can you spot me amongst the crowd?

 The burgers looked amazing! They were made from huge strips of beef rather than mince patties. Sadly I had a hot dog wasn't so great.

Photo courtesy of Chris Hanges.
 Terrible photo, it was taken with a super wide-angle lens hence it looking a bit odd...but it shows how much fun we were having singing at the top of our lungs!

The Caledonian Club's impressive Whisky selection....


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dylan the Dog.

So as many of you know from my Dylan posts, I have a beautiful golden English Cocker Spaniel...named Dylan. His name idea came from a mix of Dylan Thomas, and Dylan from The Magic Roundabout. If you don't already know Dylan, you probably should, as he's slightly famous. But not many people know that the very first night we had him, we almost lost him. Which brings me onto talking about why pet insurance is so incredibly important to us and our furry friends!

Dylan is our first doggy, but before him we had two rabbits and three guinea-pigs. The rabbits died fairly young; one suffered a Stroke and the other had Cancer, but the Guinea-pigs lived to pretty good ages; 7, 6 and 9! We didn't have pet insurance for the smaller critters, which might be why Floppy and Moppet (the rabbits) ended up being put down...I guess it was just too expensive to operate on a cancerous rabbit? But with Dylan we decided we had to have insurance, as we didn't want a repeat of the last young fatalities. And we are SO glad we did get it! It's so worth the small monthly fee. Having a very energetic Spaniel has resulted in quite a few trips to the vets - ticks, grass seeds getting stuck in his giant paws and getting infected, a hurt leg after he ran around far too wildly, and of course the general neutering when he started to get a liiiitle bit aggressive towards other dogs at that typical 18-month age. But aside from the 'simple' ailments, there was a time when we were very worried. The very first night we got him, he was only seven weeks old, absolutely tiny - you could hold him in one hand (and he was actually smaller than our guinea-pig!), and he became very sick, very quickly. As well as being physically sick, he also had really bad diarrhoea, which obviously isn't good for such a small pup. Cue emergency trip to the vets, lots of medication for a couple of weeks after, and my Dad staying up all night to 'keep watch' and make sure he was ok/still alive. That night made me realize how much this tiny puppy meant to me, and how I was completely and utterly in love with this ball of fluff. If we didn't have pet insurance, and if he hadn't have pulled through, I would have been devastated. So I'm incredibly grateful we have it, it's saved us a lot of money and hassle!

Thankfully he pulled through and is now a bounding ball of energy and fur, and my life would be totally incomplete without him in it!

Teeny tiny baby Dylan with his huge ears!

He was the same size as his toy...

Sleeping puppy!

I had to carry him home after a long walk because he was so small he got too tired to walk
He was so tired he fell asleep in my arms :)

Dylan loves sledging! 

He also gives good hugs!

Every so often his hair gets reeeeally long, and we can do cool hairstyles for him!
I think the centre parting was his best look...

Dylan with our nine-year-old Guinea-pig Nutmeg - he was always terrified of her and every time we put them near each other he would run away from her!

Dylan with his cone after one of his many operations! (Why pet insurance is so important!)
He's such a poser!


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain.

I got the Body Shop lip and cheek stain after hearing great things about it, and I have to say, I am in love. I got it in 'Rose Pink'. I haven't used it as a cheek stain yet (not sure how if I'm honest?) but as a lip stain it's perfect. After just one sweep on my lips it leaves a really lovely healthy, natural colour, and then if you do a few layers it gives you a brighter, more summery pink, which I love. It has a doe-foot applicator which makes it really easy to apply, and goes on matte, but because my lips are quite dry I put my figs and rouge coconut lip balm on top, and it looks gorgeous with the lip stain, really natural and pretty. When I wore this with lip balm on top, it lasted a good few hours.

 Please excuse my horrid and plain nails...they keep chipping so I'm having to stop using nail polish for a while :(

The lip stain after just one sweep/layer

My only annoyance with this product is that if you're lips are dry the colour 'attaches' to the dry parts of the lips and the colour looks darker on the dryer skin. So I suggest moisturising your lips well a little before applying the stain, just so it doesn't make it obvious that your lips are dry.

If you want to buy it you can get it in-store at Body Shop or online for £10.

Have any of you tried lip and cheek stains? 
Can any of you tell me how to use it on my cheeks?!


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Royal Ascot - The Royal Enclosure.

Yesterday I headed to Royal Ascot with a group of friends. We were in the Royal Enclosure, so had to conform to the new super tight dress-code they put in place this year. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know how long it took me to find the perfect hat (fascinator's are no longer allowed). I was originally going to wear a green DKNY dress, but after seeing the weather forecast (very windy) decided against it and opted for my LK Bennett dress as it doesn't blow up around my neck in the wind. I'll wear the green one for Henley next week instead!

Anyway, we drove up, and after being very late and having to stop off at Sainsbury's on the way for emergency hairspray and tights (my fingers always go straight through them), we finally got there at around 1pm. We met up with some other friends before having lunch and then heading to the Royal Enclosure Grandstand to see the Queen arrive in her carriage and then watch the first couple of races...

The ladies dressed up all fancy in pretty dresses and beautiful hats, and the men dressed all dapper in their mourning suits and top hats. It was like something out of My Fair Lady...

 We had a front row view of the Queen and Prince Phillip, which was very exciting! (Although not quite as exciting as when we bumped into Matt Baker from Blue Peter/Countryfile in the queue for placing a bet!)

 Ciara, me and Charles getting completely blown away by the wind!

Dress: L.K. Bennett
Hat: Accessorize
Me in front of the Royal Box. I definitely have my grandmother's ankles (*cough* cankles), which is why I usually wear much higher heels to make them look like normal ankles!

We placed a couple of bets, and lost money. Note to self; Never choose a horse just because you like the name.

Our rather elegant looking little group...

...we then went up to the high seats to watch the racing from above...

Before going in search of some fashion disaster's...

Interesting hat...

I'm still not sure how the gold-dress lady above was allowed in the Royal Enclosure with that dress much for the new rules! The back of her hat had the Olympic rings on it.

We finished the day with home-made scones with clotted cream and jam and a beautiful bottle of red wine out of the back of my car, before heading back to London for the Royal Automobile Club Summer Party.

My mini scone sandwich, yummyyy!

Did you go to Ascot? What do you think of men in mourning suits? (I personally love them!)

Friday, 22 June 2012

DSTRKT London.

A couple of my friends from Australia were visiting this week, so I decided to show them some of London's night-life. We could only go out Wednesday night, as we were busy the other nights they were here, and as I had no idea where was good on a Wednesday night, I contacted the very trusty Capital A List, and they got us on their guestlist for DSTRKT.

DSTRKT is my new favourite place. We had possibly the best experience one could have at a club in London. The staff were friendly, the club itself was big, new, clean, had amazing air-conditioning (no sweatiness even after hours of dancing - score!!!), and best of all....the toilets are incredible. They're like the toilets you get in an upmarket hotel - big, airy, spacious and clean! As well as all of this, the DJ was awesome, the music was electric, and the dancers unbelievably sexy. The dance-floor also raises up! 

My Aussie friends were incredibly impressed, we spent hours throwing our shapes on the dance-floor, and I will definitely be going to DSTRKT again! And as usual Capital A List were awesome, the perfect hosts, making sure everyone got in OK and for free, and then handing us glasses with vodka and mixers. We got home when the sun came up and our tootsies were worn out, and collapsed in a heap. All in all it was a perfect night out! 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready for Royal Ascot :)
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