Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Weekend in Wales.

Thursday afternoon I packed my bags (threw everything into my car), and drove to my Grandma's in North Wales. I needed a break and some fresh air, so decided to go visit her and my best friend Anna and god-daughter Rosie. I had the most wonderful weekend, on Friday I went to Chester Zoo with Anna and Rosie, and then I spent Saturday lunching with Grandmother and wandering 'round the beautiful local town, Llangollen.

The awesome play tent I bought Rosie... (very belated Easter present!) Thankfully she LOVED it and had great fun playing in it.

We went to the Butterfly house where huge butterfly's the size of my hand flew around our heads...

We saw the Giraffe's...and REALLY wanted to stroke one!

I decided to be a turtle...then got stuck Anna had to pull me out by my legs... embarrassing. 
I think they were designed for children...

 Rosie watched and said 'are ya ok?' as her mummy had to pull Aunty Catherine out of the turtle shell...

Rosie got her very first face-paint...and discovered in the mirror that she had become a baby cheetah!

 Aunty Catherine and Rosie...

Baby Cheetah...

I had a fantastic weekend with my bestie, god-daughter, and Grandma. It was very relaxed and the perfect break from London life. Rosie has grown loads since I last saw her in March, she's now talking lots, walking, running and being seriously cute 24/7! She's gone from a baby to a toddler within a few short months - it's crazy how quickly she's growing up!

Also, off topic - who else is LOVING Planet Earth Live!? I love love love it! Gremlin is amaze.  

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