Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Summer is Here.

This week has been full of sunshine! Summer feels like it is finally on it's way, and the summer clothes have been released from the deep dark caverns of my drawers. 

Monday I had the screening of my Horror Film at the Odeon, which was amazing and sooo surreal seeing it on the big screen! Afterwards I headed to the Official Launch Party of the Polo Season. It was held at Raffles in Chelsea, and I went with a couple of friends and The Pink Fox. It was a fantastic night, Polo boys certainly know how to party! But after having numerous amounts of alcohol thrown over me by Jack Kidd and being fallen onto, we headed to Vingt Quatre for food! 

Sophie and I in Raffles

Yesterday and today I've spent working and relaxing in the sun...and I also treated myself to a small shopping spree. maybe it wasn't so small - it included Moschino jeans and Ralph Lauren shorts. 
Anyway, I am seriously loving this sunshine, although I didn't love my puppy dog, Dylan, leaping over me again and again as I sunbathed...and then proceeding to lick the sun-cream off my stomach. 

 Dylan sulking after I told him to stop leaping over me...

 So he decided to lick the suncream off me instead...

The sun is shining and the sunnies are out!

With all of this sunshine it's been making me re-think my perfume choice. I currently use Miss Dior, but it's more of a 'winter' scent. I also use Victoria Secret Pure Seduction and Bombshell...and although they're summery, they don't last very long because they're 'spray's' rather than perfume's. So far these two perfume's are on my summer wish list;

Clarins Eau Des Jardins 
A beautiful scent that just smells of summer! A very fresh and refreshing smell. 
You can buy it from House of Fraser.

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles Perfume
A very classic scent with hints of wood, the ocean, and beaches all mixed 
together in a wonderful clash of summery freshness!
You can buy it from the Hermes website.



  1. Poor Dylan. haha My old dog, especially if you sunbathed on the floor/grass would just lie on top of you...for an attractive uneven tan. haha Thankfully, I never enjoyed sunbathing that much. :| lol

  2. This is all your fault. :P It's quite clear that Dylan needs a girlfriend. Yes, a girlfriend. He needs some romance and passion in his life. He needs to experience the doggie version of "The Notebook" where he meets a female dog, Allie, at a carnival and they fall in love. He then shows her a beautiful but broken up doghouse which he plans to buy and fix up. She makes him promise the house will be in white, with a walk around porch.

    Sadly her owner makes her move to another city and poor Dylan writes her love messages on bones which she never gets to see. Then Allie, the female dog, ends up engaged to another dog. :( Dylan ends up very upset but believes if he buys and fixes the house, Allie will come back to him.

    One day, while trying on her wedding dress, she ends up reading in the doggy newspaper that Dylan has finished fixing up the dog house, Allie faints and tells her fiance that she needs a break.

    She returns to Dylan and they end up together, in love, and live together into their old age.

    Yes, that's what Dylan needs! :P

    1. Oh dear Jai'me...are you feeling ok today? ;) haha, I don't think Dylan does NEED that..I think he was just sulking because he got told off :P

      But nice story!


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