Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Ramin in Concert.

Last night I saw Ramin Karimloo at the Royal Festival Hall with my mum. As you all know I'm a hugeee fan! He was amazing as always, and it wasn't just him - he also had musical theatre legend Tim Howard, Tom Fletcher from McFly, and Sebastian from IL Divo as guests and they came out on stage with him throughout the concert. Now, I'm not exactly a fan of McFly (I was always a secret Busted fan), but when I heard Tom sing by himself I was completely blown away! His voice is absolutely beautiful, so easy to listen to, and I think it helped that they sang with just the acoustic guitars they were playing because it showed off both of their voices much better. Tim Howard was also incredible, his voice just melted my heart. Ramin also had his wife and two sons at the concert, and there was a very special moment when his (I presume eldest) son Jaiden came on stage and sung 'Hallelujah' with Ramin. 

I was super happy that Ramin sang all of my favourite songs, apart from Raining in Baltimore and Lullaby. Hopefully he'll sing those next time.

A fantastic evening, and the Royal Festival Hall really is an amazing venue! Sadly I didn't get any photographs as they weren't allowed, so I've thieved a couple of the official ones that were taken. Luckily I got plenty of my own photos at the 'Thank You Gig' back in March! Oh, and Ramin had THE best pianist ever, he was super cool - he tapped his feet the whole time he was playing piano, and every so often when he was getting really into the music he would stand up at the piano and dance while playing! Awesome guy.

Ramin and his son Jaiden sing Hallelujah

Tom Fletcher and Ramin Karimloo sing 'It's All About You'


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