Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Lucas' Papaw Ointment.

I would like you to introduce you to my saviour. Lucas' Papaw Ointment. 

I first discovered this beauty when in Australia. For some reason all the girls at my school had it...so obviously I had to have it too. It was only around $6 from Target, chemists and all of the supermarkets, and oh my. I'll put it this way...I still remember the feeling when it first touched my lips. That was almost five years ago. I haven't looked back since. 

It's an Australian balm made from Paw Paw, and as well as being amazing for chapped lips, it also soothes blisters, cuts, sunburn, and eczema. 

It's a super thick gloopy gel/balm that looks a little funny when coming out the tube, smears onto the skin like a dream, moisturises to the max, and tastes pretty yummy (in a strange way) too. You only need a small amount, and the tube lasts for aaages! You can also get it in a tub which is great for if you are using it for sunburn and eczema and need more of the stuff. 

If you're lucky enough to live in Australia you'll already know where to get it from, but if you live in the UK, you can buy it from Amazon.



  1. I LOVE this stuff. The last time my family was over in Aus from the UK they stocked up on Lucas' to go back home. I'll let them know they can buy it in the UK now!

  2. i love this stuff its amazing! perks of living half in england and half in Australia :P x


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