Monday, 14 May 2012

Jubilee Union Flag Fashion.

So as the jubilee is fast approaching - only 3 weeks away, I've been thinking of what to wear to the celebratory events I am attending. Firstly I have the Jubilee Dinner at the Royal Over-Seas League next Friday, and then on the 3rd June I'm going to see a Jubilee concert at the Royal Albert Hall before heading to a party, and then I have the Jubilee Ball at the RAC the week after. I've been trawling the internet looking for jubilee themed accessories and dresses I can wear without look tacky, which has proven quite difficult! 

For the Jubilee Dinner next Friday I have decided to wear my blue Reiss Lola dress, with taupe shoes, and I'm still searching for an affordable union flag clutch to go with it. I still haven't decided on the outfit for the Ball, but I'll keep you updated!

Anyway, here are the union flag/jubilee themed items I'm currently loving!

Firstly, perfect for the current rainy days - the Hunter Union Flag Wellies

The Vivienne Westwood Jubilee Dress

The Alexander McQueen Union Flag Clutch

The Nancy Dee Brooke Dress

And finally, the Yull Silverstone shoes!

What are your plans for the Jubilee? Got anything themed to wear? 



  1. love that vivienne westwood dress is amazing!

  2. Great minds, i was thinking about doing a post like this :) Love the Vivienne Westwood dress OMG!!! x

    1. Hehe do it! I'd love to see what you find :)
      The VW is AMAZE! I'm in love with it!!


  3. The union jack craze is infectious! im currently travelling the states and ive seen a ton of people rocking union jack T's. Your about me section is touching! Love the bit about londons clubbing scene! i'm also at uni in London! Great blog, can't wait to read more!

    Meera @

    1. It really is infectious - I want everything Union Flag atm lol!

      Aw thank you, that's so sweet of you! So glad you like it! Make sure to follow so you get the updates/new posts :)



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