Monday, 7 May 2012

Domino's and Movies.

I had a bit of a stressful and rough week last week, and my parents were away over the weekend, so last night while everyone else I know was eating a home-made roast dinner, Claire came over for Domino's pizza and movies. We ordered our favourite pizzas off the pizza menu - Texas BBQ, Hawaiian, and then a customized one (I LOVE that you can customize!!), and then obviously we also got sides - potato wedges and garlic pizza bread, then a large bottle of coca-cola and finally two tubs of Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough! Phew *wipes forehead* that was a lot to get through!

After ordering we slipped the Inbetweeners blu-ray into the player and settled down to wait for the pizza. We didn't realize how much we had ordered until it arrived. Ya know when you haven't eaten all day, so you're starving, and order WAY too much, and then realize half way through that actually, you're stomach isn't big enough to fit all this food in? Yeh, that happened. So I'm gonna be eating pizza for the rest of the week.

After Inbetweeners we switched to the new series of Desperate Housewives. It was the saddest episode ever, I actually can't believe Mike got shot! Poor Susan :'( *sob*

All-in-all it was the perfect girlie evening scoffing our faces and laughing away the newly acquired weight gain by watching an absolutely hilarious film! :)

Extra garlic and herb sauce, obviously!

Mmmmm Hawaiian! Nomnomnom.



  1. that's seriously my definition of a good girls night in! Really want Dominos now!! x

    1. Hehe, it is a VERY good girls night in! Domino's is amaze :)



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