Thursday, 31 May 2012

Barbecues and Bunting.

This week I've been a little bit of a pig. I've had a BBQ every single night of the week since Sunday. Woops :/
But seriously - you have to make the most of this weather...right?

Sunday and Monday's BBQ's were spent with the family, then I headed to Chelsea on Tuesday for a BBQ at my friend's house, where I decided that I'm definitely going to live in The Boltons when I'm all grown up and have a security man parading the outside. (For those of you who don't know, The Boltons is a beautiful street in the heart of Chelsea, with an average house price of around £15,000,000.) Anyway, then my BBQ last night was spent with my house-mates. Each barbecue was special and individual in their own little way, and all of them were spent with wonderful people who I care about dearly. It's been a wonderful week.

Sadly I only got photos at the barbecue with my house-mates, but here is a photo borrowed/thieved from Lotte, of her very pretty garden just before the barbecue started. How beautiful are the lights?! It looked like a fairy garden!

And just a coupla photos from the house-mates bbq....

I thought it would make a pretty awesome photo...

Our typical 'student' barbecue...a bit broken and a bargain at just £10 from Argos.

Did you know Rubicon now sell Mango sorbet? No? Well now you do. And it's amazing. It tastes like Heaven on a spoon. 

Now, on to the Jubilee celebrations! A gorgeous little village called Albury, near where I live in Surrey, has pretty epic bunting. So I drove down after work today to get some photos for you all. Take a look...

Yup, the Queen herself even made an appearance, she was busy admiring the bunting from the front garden! I waved at her...and she didn't wave back. How rude!

 As you can see it's been quite overcast today...



  1. Colin Wilcock31/05/2012, 15:58

    that bunting is pretty epic!! lol

  2. So jealous of the BBQs, I haven't even been to one this year :( And I NEED that Rubicon sorbet in my life, I love the drink and I love sorbet - so a perfect mix! x

    1. Ow no! Definitely get the Rubicon sorbet - £2.99 from Tesco! Bargain!! And it really does taste like Heaven on a spoon!


  3. This is a amazing picture stock


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