Wednesday, 9 May 2012

aMuse Fashions.

aMuse Fashions is a brand spankin' new jewellery company, that sells absolutely beautiful jewellery! After seeing the jewellery I just had to share this brand with y'all. The company director and designer is Sarah Nettleton, a New England girl now living in London, who takes inspiration from the world around her. The jewellery is all handmade, with a fabulously unique twist.

My personal favourites are the Gilded range, with the necklace and bracelet;

The Gilded Bracelet

The Gilded Cage Necklace

And I also love these beautiful Rose earrings;

You can follow aMuse Fashions on Tumblr, and Twitter, like their Facebook Page, and visit their website to take a look at their full range and spend spend spend!



  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog Rockit Style ( your blog is great, I cant seem to follow it though, do you have google connect so that I can follow you too.

    Ive just been reading some of your older posts about your true love, i've been there too, so brave of you to put it out there x

    1. Hey, thanks so much! You can follow by clicking on the link at the top of the page above the 'about me' section :) The one that says; 'Follow on GFC - Click Here'

      So glad you're enjoying it!



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