Thursday, 31 May 2012

Barbecues and Bunting.

This week I've been a little bit of a pig. I've had a BBQ every single night of the week since Sunday. Woops :/
But seriously - you have to make the most of this weather...right?

Sunday and Monday's BBQ's were spent with the family, then I headed to Chelsea on Tuesday for a BBQ at my friend's house, where I decided that I'm definitely going to live in The Boltons when I'm all grown up and have a security man parading the outside. (For those of you who don't know, The Boltons is a beautiful street in the heart of Chelsea, with an average house price of around £15,000,000.) Anyway, then my BBQ last night was spent with my house-mates. Each barbecue was special and individual in their own little way, and all of them were spent with wonderful people who I care about dearly. It's been a wonderful week.

Sadly I only got photos at the barbecue with my house-mates, but here is a photo borrowed/thieved from Lotte, of her very pretty garden just before the barbecue started. How beautiful are the lights?! It looked like a fairy garden!

And just a coupla photos from the house-mates bbq....

I thought it would make a pretty awesome photo...

Our typical 'student' barbecue...a bit broken and a bargain at just £10 from Argos.

Did you know Rubicon now sell Mango sorbet? No? Well now you do. And it's amazing. It tastes like Heaven on a spoon. 

Now, on to the Jubilee celebrations! A gorgeous little village called Albury, near where I live in Surrey, has pretty epic bunting. So I drove down after work today to get some photos for you all. Take a look...

Yup, the Queen herself even made an appearance, she was busy admiring the bunting from the front garden! I waved at her...and she didn't wave back. How rude!

 As you can see it's been quite overcast today...


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Littlehampton and Jubilee Plans.

Saturday night I spent having dinner with my grandparents at a lovely restaurant in Littlehampton, on the South Coast. I love spending time with them, and they even treated my brother and I to an ice-cream from our 'childhood' ice-cream place on Littlehampton harbour :P
We have been having these ice-creams for years, and they're amazing - huge and covered in sprinkles and strawberry sauce, for only £1.10!! 

It was the perfect summer's evening...

And there was even excitement as a rubbish truck decided to catch alight in the middle of the street! Cue firemen and police...

I also got my Jubilee tickets through the post! My mum and I are going to the public event next Tuesday that you had to apply for through a ballot, and the tickets are rather snazzy to say the least!


As well as the 'official' event I'm going to on Tuesday 5th, I'm also going to the Jubilee sing-a-long at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday, before heading to Juju for their Diamonds are Forever Juju-bilee party, and then I have a friends' after-party on the Battersea river-front. Monday I'm working in the morning before heading to Kensington Roof Gardens with friends in the afternoon and evening for their Jubilee event :)

What are your plans for the Jubilee? 


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Jubilee Dinner.

Friday night was the Younger Members Inter-Club Jubilee Dinner, held at the Royal Overseas League. It was a celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee as well as the Royal Overseas League music scholarship's Diamond Jubilee. It was a beautiful evening which included a drinks reception in the gardens, a four course meal, and live music from the winners of the Royal Overseas League music scholarship. The food was divine, and the music outstanding. It was a fantastic night and really got me in the mood for the Jubilee celebrations next week!

Warning: Photo heavy post.

 The beautiful ROSL Garden that overlooks Green Park...

 Drinks reception...

 Claire and I...

 Claire's beautiful hair!

Stunning centrepiece...


 The dessert was absolutely beautiful!! So fruity and refreshing!

The incredible Jazz Pianist (apologies, I have forgotten his name :/ woops)

What I'm Wearing
Dress: Reiss
Shoes: Reiss
Clutch: Dorothy Perkins
Bruise on leg: Courtesy of Jack Kidd.

As you can see, I was rather excited and overly happy about the Jubilee...
or maybe it was the champagne?


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Last Day of University.

Yesterday was the last day of University, last day of Refreshers week, and the last day of my education. Cue tissues, tears, photos, and daisy chains. Excuse my looking a mess - I was majorly hungover, got home at 5am that morning, hadn't washed my hair, no make-up on, and threw on the clothes lying nearest to me on my floor...but I don't care, it was my last day of Uni and I wasn't not going to get photos!

 The Quad at Uni....

 Relaxing in the sun behind our old hall's...

Daisy Chain making...

 Being cool and wearing my daisy chain....while flashing my bra/boobs - woops :/

 Rosa and I outside our hall's from first year...

Photo with the famous Isambard statue that EVERYONE at Brunel has to have their photo with...


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Summer is Here.

This week has been full of sunshine! Summer feels like it is finally on it's way, and the summer clothes have been released from the deep dark caverns of my drawers. 

Monday I had the screening of my Horror Film at the Odeon, which was amazing and sooo surreal seeing it on the big screen! Afterwards I headed to the Official Launch Party of the Polo Season. It was held at Raffles in Chelsea, and I went with a couple of friends and The Pink Fox. It was a fantastic night, Polo boys certainly know how to party! But after having numerous amounts of alcohol thrown over me by Jack Kidd and being fallen onto, we headed to Vingt Quatre for food! 

Sophie and I in Raffles

Yesterday and today I've spent working and relaxing in the sun...and I also treated myself to a small shopping spree. maybe it wasn't so small - it included Moschino jeans and Ralph Lauren shorts. 
Anyway, I am seriously loving this sunshine, although I didn't love my puppy dog, Dylan, leaping over me again and again as I sunbathed...and then proceeding to lick the sun-cream off my stomach. 

 Dylan sulking after I told him to stop leaping over me...

 So he decided to lick the suncream off me instead...

The sun is shining and the sunnies are out!

With all of this sunshine it's been making me re-think my perfume choice. I currently use Miss Dior, but it's more of a 'winter' scent. I also use Victoria Secret Pure Seduction and Bombshell...and although they're summery, they don't last very long because they're 'spray's' rather than perfume's. So far these two perfume's are on my summer wish list;

Clarins Eau Des Jardins 
A beautiful scent that just smells of summer! A very fresh and refreshing smell. 
You can buy it from House of Fraser.

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles Perfume
A very classic scent with hints of wood, the ocean, and beaches all mixed 
together in a wonderful clash of summery freshness!
You can buy it from the Hermes website.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Weekend in Wales.

Thursday afternoon I packed my bags (threw everything into my car), and drove to my Grandma's in North Wales. I needed a break and some fresh air, so decided to go visit her and my best friend Anna and god-daughter Rosie. I had the most wonderful weekend, on Friday I went to Chester Zoo with Anna and Rosie, and then I spent Saturday lunching with Grandmother and wandering 'round the beautiful local town, Llangollen.

The awesome play tent I bought Rosie... (very belated Easter present!) Thankfully she LOVED it and had great fun playing in it.

We went to the Butterfly house where huge butterfly's the size of my hand flew around our heads...

We saw the Giraffe's...and REALLY wanted to stroke one!

I decided to be a turtle...then got stuck Anna had to pull me out by my legs... embarrassing. 
I think they were designed for children...

 Rosie watched and said 'are ya ok?' as her mummy had to pull Aunty Catherine out of the turtle shell...

Rosie got her very first face-paint...and discovered in the mirror that she had become a baby cheetah!

 Aunty Catherine and Rosie...

Baby Cheetah...

I had a fantastic weekend with my bestie, god-daughter, and Grandma. It was very relaxed and the perfect break from London life. Rosie has grown loads since I last saw her in March, she's now talking lots, walking, running and being seriously cute 24/7! She's gone from a baby to a toddler within a few short months - it's crazy how quickly she's growing up!

Also, off topic - who else is LOVING Planet Earth Live!? I love love love it! Gremlin is amaze.  
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