Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Twenty First Birthday.

Last Wednesday I turned 21 - wooo! Sadly I was really sick on my birthday, I've had that cold/bug thing that's going 'round at the mo and it was making me feel rather rubbish. But I was determined to have a good day! So I went for brunch with my best friend at Giraffe in Guildford, we had the pancakes with banana, blueberries and maple syrup. Anywhere I go for breakfast or brunch I ALWAYS have the pancakes - I love love love them! Then I headed into central London to see the matinee of Les Miserables...for the 6th time, hehe. Then finally I went for dinner at Le Caprice with my parents and brother :)

On the Friday after my birthday Bella and I had a joint birthday party at the Royal Automobile Club, which was super fun!

My birthday pancakes at Giraffe
Le Caprice was absolutely incredible! The restaurant itself was classy and elegant, and oh so art deco. The staff wonderful, they were all so friendly and couldn't do enough for us. And the food - divine! I had the deep fried fish with chips and tartare sauce for main, and rhubarb and apple pie for dessert. I only had two courses because I really wasn't feeling well enough for three, but the rest of my family had three, and they all agreed that it was delicious!

I can't remember what the others had, I do remember that my Dad had some unusual dishes (one included bone marrow and rabbit!?) and my Mum had the Suffolk Lamb for main. My fish was perfect, huge piece of fish, with the most perfect light and crispy batter! And it was surprisingly good value, we were ordering what we wanted and not worrying about cost, but it ended up being very reasonable. I would recommend booking early though, as they do get very busy. My parents were so impressed with the restaurant that they booked there and then to have dinner there again, with friends in a few weeks time.

My birthday dessert at Le Caprice - Rhubarb and Apple Pie with Custard
On the Friday I had my birthday event with my friends, I had a joint celebration with my friend Arabella as our birthdays are really close together. We went to the Royal Automobile Club with around thirty of our close friends, and had champagne and a huge frosted cake from the Hummingbird bakery, which was very kindly given to us by Immanuel. 

We were supposed to go to Kensington Roof Gardens afterwards but I was just too sick and went home to my nice warm bed. After staying in bed all weekend I'm feeling much better now (although I lost 4kg just last week because I was so sick - couldn't keep any food down), so I'm hoping to make up for my 'soft' 21st last week by going out clubbing this weekend! Especially since I officially finished University yesterday when I handed in my final assignment - double celebration!

Both of us cutting our cake together! It's quite useful having a friend who's a photographer, I really love this shot. The below photos are from someone going around with my terrible compact camera :/

Everyone enjoying the cake and champagne at the RAC
Arar doing all the work and cutting the cake while I discuss important things with friends ;)

Arabella and I - birthday girls!
Her boobs are huge and very grab-able ok! Don't judge!
Despite being sick I had a wonderful birthday week and was VERY spoilt!

What did you do for your 21st? 
And if you've been to Le Caprice let me know - I'd love to know your thoughts on it!


  1. I spent my 21st in Paris which was wonderful - a gift from my fiancé and mum.
    Sucks that you weren't feeling well, I was the same this weekend/all last week but congrats on finishing uni!

    1. Ooh you lucky thing! I love Paris so much :)



  2. My 21st was in December and I had a weekend in Chester :). I'm sorry you were sick for yours but omg, those pancakes look amazing! Hope you had a great birthday


    1. Ah my Grandma lives near Chester, it's such a beautiful city! And the pancakes were amazingg, so yummy!

      Thanks! :)


  3. Hope you had a brill 21st sorry to see you were ill. For my 21st i had jewellery and a partyyyy :)

  4. Gosh those pancakes looked absolutely divine! I hope you have a lovely 21st birthday :) Enjoy being 21! xo


  5. This is a very delicious dinner.

  6. YUM looks delicious!


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