Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sake No Hana, St James'.

Last night some friends and I went for drinks in our usual Mayfair. We were going to go to Dukes Hotel, but there was a wedding on so they didn't have any tables left *sob*.

As it was pouring with rain we headed to the nearest bar - Sake No Hana. Sake No Hana is actually the restaurant upstairs, but their bar is Ni Ju San, which means '23' in Japanese (their address is 23, St James) and is located downstairs.

Anyway, so we went in and it was empty, but it gradually started filling up as people had drinks before heading upstairs for dinner. It had the most wonderful modern and 'trendy' fusion atmosphere inside, and tasty and unusual cocktails.We all had a great time, it was a very relaxing evening with fantastic company and the staff were also excellent! If you're looking for somewhere different to go, I'd definitely recommend this place!

Enjoy the photos...

Me studying the menu intensely...

Japanese Wine which is called 'Sake'
The bar

Amy and I

My cocktail :)


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