Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Glossybox Harrods Edition - March 2012

I'm really really sorry for how belated this post is, but as you already know I've been really busy lately. Anyway, so the Glossybox Harrods edition was my very first Glossybox, and to say I was disappointed is an understatement. There were three different versions of the box, and I got the crap one, basically. It included 3 travel-sized products, and three 'samples' that you can get for free at any beauty counter in any store. 

The reason I was disappointed was because of the samples. This box was hyped up as being the 'luxury' box and being very 'Harrods'...the only thing in the box that screamed luxury and Harrods was the SK-II moisturiser, seriously...as if three free cardboard samples is luxury! Two of the samples I have had for free from beauty counters before, so to pay £12 for the box only to get free samples and just three travel sized products instead of five, really disappointed me. 

Anyway, after sulking for a couple of days I decided to try them all out. The box included; Clarins Extra-firming body cream, Molton Brown bath & shower gel, SK-II skin signature, Valentina by Valentino sample perfume, Shu Uemura cleanser sample, and Lancome Hypnose Drama sample mascara.

The Clarins cream smells good, and seems like a good moisturiser, but because of the size of the sample I can't really tell if it actually does firm...and to be honest because of this I wouldn't spend the money on the full sized version.

The Molton Brown I love, but to be honest I love all MB products - they just smell so amazing! And this size really is perfect for travelling with - it has happily been added to my travel toilet-bag along with my Bulgari travel products :)

The SK-II moisturiser leaves the skin VERY soft, and lasts absolutely ages! The sample in the box was worth around £25, with the full size version being £120. The great thing is that you really don't need much of it to cover your face and neck, and it really does leave the skin velvety soft...although after a week of perfectly clear skin it made my skin breakout again after just 2 days of using it :( *sigh* so I wasn't too impressed with that! But if you don't have to be careful with what products you use, I think it would definitely be worth paying the full price for it.

Valentina by Velantino sample smells gorgeous, and I would definitely buy the full size of this.

The Shu Uemura cleanser I honestly haven't tried yet, as I do have to be really careful with what skincare products I use on my face, so I'm always a little apprehensive about what I use and trying new products (some products cause serious breakouts, whilst others cause eczema...which is not a pretty sight!). My skin is just far too sensitive to be able to experiment with heaps of different products...which kinda sucks. I'll do a little research on this cleanser before using it, especially as it's oil based, and then let you know my thoughts if I decide to try it.

I find the Lancome Hyponose Drama mascara mini's are always handy to keep in my mini make-up bag which then goes in my handbag, but I pick these up all the time for free from the counter, as it's actually my favourite mascara along with the Covergirl LashBlast, so I was disappointed that it was in the box I paid for. It is a fantastic mascara though and I would encourage everyone to buy the full version!

I really hope this months box is better than the March one, otherwise I think I'll be cancelling my subscription.

What box did everyone else get? What do you think of the products?


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