Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dollar Martinis and Archer Street Bar.

This past weekend has been a bit of a non-stop party. Friday night was a friend's birthday so we went to Dollar Grills & Martinis, before heading to 151 for some dancing after. Now, if you love cocktails - head to this place. Dollar's cocktails are Ah-mazing!

Their menu is extensive and they have some very 'interesting' one's on there; Raspberry and Chilli Martini anyone? or perhaps you would prefer the Rhubarb and Vanilla? I was driving so could only have one (the Strawberry Citrus - 'Ketel One Citron. Muddled with Fresh Strawberries, Limon-cello & Lemon Juice'), but I had a little sip of everyone else's as well, and they were all completely scrumptious!

Then last night we went to 5th View Bar and Archer's Street Bar, for another friend's birthday! 5th View Bar is the bar above Waterstones in Piccadilly, and was absolutely lovely. Comfy sofas, a great ambience, Prosecco, and wonderful views, made for a very good pre-drinks session before heading to Archer's Street.

Friends and I at 5th View Bar
Now, Archer Street HAS to be my new favourite place! It is I N C R E D I B L E. Upstairs you have a boutique feel bar with plush sofas, fresh flowers, a neutral colour scheme and a very 'swish hotel lounge' feel to it, and then downstairs you have more of a club vibe. We were downstairs first, but it was far too crowded and very hot, there was no room to even turn around from the bar let alone throw some shapes! So we headed upstairs and thank goodness we made the decision to do that!

It was brilliant, we drank far too much Grey Goose vodka, chatting and getting merry, before dancing on the tables until 1am and singing along with the bar staff to 'Proud Mary' before it closed. This bar has the most incredible vibe and atmosphere, all the staff are incredibly friendly, and they don't just let you have fun, but join in with you!! Fantastic! Definitely my new favourite bar and with it being in Soho (yes...I stepped out of my comfort zone), it's only a 10 minute walk from Mayfair, so I will be back there soon for sure.

The bar staff singing and dancing on the tables at Archer's Street Bar.

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