Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anaya London.

Friday night some friends and I went to the nightclub, Anaya, in London. This club has recently been refurbished and is on Swallow Street in Mayfair (just opposite Waterstones on Piccadilly). It's been rumoured as the 'up and coming' celebrity club, with Drake performing there last week! We were on the Capital A List guestlist, so at 10:30pm strolled along and queued up. After getting in we went over to the Capital A List table, where there was free-flowing vodka and mixers. We had a fantastic night and the music was great - old school R&B, which was interesting haha! It was also the official launch party of the GNA 'Inhibitions' single, so we got to hear GNA performing it live. 

We got there really early and it was very quiet in there until about 11:30/midnight when it got busy. The club itself is quite small, and it has a lot of blue lighting! But it was very clean (always an important thing!) and despite being small there was room to move and dance without being pushed around by other people. Like most clubs there were professional photographers going around from various PR and promoter companies. We had a great night and would definitely visit Anaya again, and I'll be sure to use Capital A List in future as they were fantastic!

After Anaya we went to Vingt Quatre (as usual) for pancakes and fries :)

Anaya before it got busy
Some of our group (I'm in the middle, lol)

CJ from GNA


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