Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ramin Karimloo 'Thank You Gig'.

If you read my post Editing a Horror Film, you will know that on Monday night I went to see Ramin Karimloo in a special invite-only gig for 150 select fans who pre-ordered his album. My friend Arabella who was supposed to come with me, bailed at the last minute due to an accident at work (that's what you get for being an engineer!), but thankfully another friend of mine stepped in and took her place, so I didn't have to go alone like a loser. 

The gig was being held at 229, The Venue, Great Portland Street, and started at 9pm, with doors opening at 8. I arrived early, so strolled over to Starbucks on Great Portland Street, bought a drink and shortbread, and cheekily sat in there and ate my baguette from Pret whilst disguising this with my Starbucks drink & shortbread (sneaky huh!). As usual I humiliated myself, but not because they caught me eating my Pret baguette, oh no, this was much much worse! A hot policeman walked in and, being a policeman, smiled at me. I didn't want to be rude and not smile back, also I thought I might look suspicious if I didn't smile back...so I smiled back...with a mouth full of chocolate chunk shortbread. Nice. Attractive. Good one Catherine. Thankfully I don't think he noticed. But I guess it could have been worse - I could have had a mouth full of berries...or lettuce leaves?! 

Anyway, after my slightly embarrassing moment there, I headed to The Venue. Everyone's names were on the list, so I added my plus one to the list before heading in. The gig was fantastic! He sang a lot of folk/country stuff, and then obviously a few songs from his album. He didn't sing any musical theatre songs, which although he warned us he wouldn't be singing any, I still found slightly disappointing. It would have been nice if he had sang just one. 

All of the songs were amazing, but the song that I liked the most was his cover of Counting Crows' 'It's Raining in Baltimore' - B E A U T I F U L. I also loved his cover of Muse's 'Guiding Light', and then of course he sang some of his own songs, which were again, beautiful. The gig was a lot of fun, especially with the country numbers that just made you want to dance! 

We weren't allowed to record the gig, but we could take as many photos as we liked, and after the gig we could have photos with him, talk to him, and get things signed. I really wish I'd been more prepared. I only got a couple of photos with him, but I really wish I'd taken my albums to get signed, and actually spoken to him! I was just so worried about humiliating myself like I usually do, and I was also super nervous, which is very unlike me! So I just said hello, got a couple of photos, mentioned that I was going to his concert at the Royal Festival Hall, and then left. *sigh*

The song list for the gig was; Broken Home, Losing, Broken, Guiding Light, Just A Closer Walk With Three, Fiddler's Green, Wings, Constant Angel, Coming Home, Murder In The City, (Untitled New Song), Raining In Baltimore, and Good Riddance.

I'm so excited for the concert now!

Here's a video of Ramin singing 'Raining in Baltimore';

Aaaaand photographs!

Ramin and Steve

Ramin singing 'Raining in Baltimore'

Ramin Karimloo and I


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  1. That was a lovely night! I really had the time of my life during this gig :) I'm a bit disappointed that he didn't sing any musical theatre songs too.. I would love hearing Music of the Night or something from Les Mis! But anyway, the gig was great!
    Nice photos! (haha, I can see myself in one of them! :P) Makes me wish that I'd brought a better camera.. >.<,


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