Thursday, 1 March 2012

Night Before the Wedding.

I'm unbelievably excited for my best friend Anna's wedding tomorrow! I'm feeling a little emotional though. I've known her since the day I was born, we've grown up together, had baths together, run around Menorca naked together, slept together with our bums in the air, pretended we were twin sisters, argued over scrabble, sung along to 'steal my sunshine', named a Donkey 'Sadie' after the character in one of the Malory Towers books (Sadie says....Sadie says...Sadie says...), created our own band, travelled to Australia&Singapore - and back again, played the game 'trolleybus', gatecrashed carol concerts, borrowed each other's clothes, had matching t-shirts, re-created the Funky Gibbon dance, had a go at modelling together, and have generally been each other's emotional support over the past twenty-one years. And now we're all grown up!! So proud of her and can't wait to walk down that aisle with her tomorrow! 

Here are a few embarrassing photos of us through the years;

Anna and I at Eastbourne when we were about 2 years old.
(She's in the pink coat and I'm in the blue)

Me and Anna

Anna, my brother and I
(how cool are our leggings!!!)

Me, Anna and my brother at McDonalds in Singapore.
(I would just like to point out that my mother forced me into that orange top...and the Reebok trainers were my 'comfortable walking' shoes. I didn't wear them because I actually liked them.)

Me, my brother and Anna just after we crashed the
carol singing in London by the Norway Tree.

Me and Anna being seriously cool 15-year-olds in Pret

Me and Anna stuffing our faces (, at Center Parcs.

Now, I must go and drive up to Wales ready for the big day tomorrow! I'll tell y'all about it on Sunday :)


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  1. I feel Great see your nice photos.Thanks for nice posting.


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