Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding.

On Friday 2nd March it was my best friend Anna's wedding. Her and her now husband have been together for over five years, and have a beautiful 14-month-old daughter together (my god-daughter) Rosie. Anna asked me to be one of her bridesmaids as soon as she got engaged over two years ago, so we were all ecstatic that the day had finally arrived!

After my last blog post my parents picked me up from my Uni house and we all drove up to Wales. My family were staying over at my Grandma's while I stayed with Anna at hers. I won't bore you all with every little detail of the day, but it was absolutely beautiful and everyone was so happy! There were also so many funny moments - most of them the oldies getting drunk and embarrassing themselves! And the Best Man speech was H I L A R I O U S. Soooo funny, everyone was in stitches! 

Then there was the wrecking of the bride and groom's bedroom. Apparently it's a tradition. My parents trashed Anna's parents' room when they got married and so it fell upon my brother and I to trash Anna and Allan's. We didn't come very prepared, so while my parents did it in style by taking down the curtains, taking the legs off the bed, throwing confetti everywhere, taking all the light-bulbs out, and putting a balloon down the toilet; my brother and I could only throw toilet paper around the room, move/turn the furniture around, cover the bathroom in shower gel, write on the mirror, take out the light-bulbs and turn the sheet of the bed halfway back so they couldn't get into bed. 

Anyway, here are a small selection of photos from the day! (please note all photographs are Copyright by me and you may not use them in any way).

The Bouquet.
Anna about to make her entrance.
My god-daughter Rosie.

Signing the register.

Me, Anna and Tasha.

My brother and I
My Family.

The Rings.

The bridesmaids with the best man.

The Cake
Mr and Mrs Wilcock
The bedroom covered in toilet paper. For some reason my brother put the stool on there? 

It's supposed to say 'Congrats'...but my eyeliner ran out :(



  1. Too funny - I never knew about the trashing of the bedroom. Seeing all of these pictures makes me a bit wistful for my wedding day.

    Congratulations, Anna and her new husband! May you find many years of health, happiness, and life together.

  2. Sarah Watkinson-Yull10/03/2012, 14:51

    Never heard the trashing of the bedroom before. What tradition is it? You looked gorgeous though! I like that colour of the bridesmaid dresses, everyone seems to have purple at the moment. xx

  3. Haha noooo idea, my parents just told us it was :/ they trashed Anna's parents room on their wedding night and then my Godfather trashed my parents room on their wedding night. Maybe it's just a tradition amongst my Dad and his friends? Hehe.
    Thank you!



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